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ATA Continues to Offer Archery Industry Masterclass After Positive Reviews

The all-new Archery Industry Masterclass ended, but there’s still time to sign up to receive the comprehensive information.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

Archery Industry Masterclass participants approved of the course content and applauded the ATA for its efforts to deliver quality information about business, coaching, marketing and archery tech through ATA 2021 Online. In fact, their positive reviews prompted the ATA to give members and nonmembers another opportunity to register and access the course content.

That’s right! If you missed the live sessions of the Masterclass, don’t worry. You can still buy the course ($79 for members or $500 for nonmembers) and watch all the recordings to access the valuable information.

The Masterclass took place in the MyATA Learning Center on Jan. 11-12. Participants had access to 10 sessions, and numerous supplemental worksheets and checklists. Participants could ask questions and make comments using the presentations’ discussion feature during the live sessions. Anyone who signs up for the course now will gain access to the same content, but they won’t be able to interact live with the content.

It’s still a great deal, but don’t take our word for it – listen to your peers. We spoke with Chris Baty, owner of Bowhunt & Archery Geelong in Australia, and Paul Black, president/CEO of Odin’s Innovations in Prairie Village, Kansas, to get their thoughts on the Masterclass.

“When signing up for the Masterclass, I looked at the $79 fee and figured I only had to pick up one small tip to increase sales or margins, or shave off costs to more than pay for itself,” Baty said. “(I looked) at the list of topics (and) I felt it would be a very good return on the investment. Having watched most of the prerecorded content and a couple of the live webinars, I’m already way in front.”

Masterclass sessions like Steve VanZile's "Compound Bow Services - A System for Profitability" teach attendees how to enhance customer experiences. Photo Credit: ATA

Baty said he enjoyed a lot of the courses, but if he had to pick a favorite, he’d pick Steve VanZile’s “Compound Bow Services – A System for Profitability.” The course helped him identify ways to add value to his customer’s experiences and taught him how to make extra money without spending a lot of money.

“I think anyone that thinks they have nothing to learn here is fooling themselves,” Baty said. “Having spent 30 years in the retail landscape, I understand the need to continue to evolve and learn wherever possible. The information (I received) is pure gold in today’s retail landscape.”

Baty said he’d be surprised if someone watched the series and didn’t have pages of notes with ideas to implement in their store and within their team. He’s grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to rewatching the courses. “Being a retailer in Australia means that most of the live content happened in the middle of the night my time,” he said. “To have the ability to go back afterward when I really have the time to absorb the information and take proper notes really adds value to the whole Masterclass.”

Black had similar thoughts.

“The course was worth the investment; having the material available after the show made it a ‘slam dunk,’” he said. “I’ll review the material again and again after the show. I’ll be able to listen when I know I have the time to listen. Plus, I probably didn’t capture all the fine points the first time through, so I’ll listen again to pick up more valuable ideas.”

Black joined the course as a manufacturer to better understand the needs and challenges of his dealer partners. The course allowed him to “Look through the lens of the dealer to understand what is being recommended as ‘best practices,’” he said.

He thought the price was fair, and he valued the chance to learn from respectable sources. His favorite course was “Inventory Management” by Hank Yacek. He enjoyed hearing ideas about employee training and customer engagement because they resonated with his business and products.

ATA Members can still buy the Masterclass course and review valuable webinars like Hank Yacek's "Inventory Management" course. Photo Credit: ATA

“Over my 40 years of owning a business, industry data is always valuable to either validate our practices or introduce new ideas that will improve the performance of our companies,” Black said. The Masterclass information he received helped him achieve both goals. He encourages other ATA members to buy and take the course.

ATA’s Kurt Smith was grateful to see the course reactions and hopes more members take advantage of the opportunity to register and review the information.

“It’s great to hear that we were able to provide valuable content for our members,” Smith said. “We would’ve loved to hold the Masterclass in person, but going virtual also opened up a lot of opportunity to reach members that might not have otherwise attended. Allowing Masterclass course purchases after ATA 2021 Online also gives us a chance to serve our members who are extremely busy this time of year, and didn’t have time to attend live.”


Register Now!

Click here to register to gain access to the content now. Not sure how to register? Watch this short video for instructions. You can view the Masterclass course schedule by clicking here. All registered parties can view the course material anytime in 2021, meaning you can return to watch it and reference it over and over again – anytime you want!

Questions? Contact the ATA business, membership and Trade Show office at (866) 266-2776.

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