ATA Debuts Event Planning Workbook

Use the ATA’s planning guide to craft a fun, successful archery or bowhunting event.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Planning an archery event can be tough for clubs and pro shops, but the ATA’s new Event Planning Workbook helps members craft and organize parties, seminars, workshops, tournaments, date nights, summer camps, classes and other programs.

The ATA created this 25-page workbook to launch and manage events that generate revenues, build brand awareness, and attract new customers. These events also offer communities fun, family-friendly activities.

The Event Planning Workbook describes the planning process, and provides tips and insights for making important decisions. It even includes “Bonus Tips,” which are hot insights from retailers and ATA staff. The workbook’s pages also provide space for writing ideas and taking notes.

Whether you’re planning your first event or need new ideas to mesh with years of experience, you’ll find the workbook useful. It provides a general framework for event-planning, and breaks the process into manageable pieces so members feel comfortable and confident while crafting events of all sizes.

Use the worksheets in the book to organize and plan your events. Simply fill in the blanks! Photo Credit: ATA

Inside the Workbook

The section on “Event Fundamentals” walks readers through the decision-making process, including how to determine the event’s goal(s), budget, theme, audience and other vital details. This section is seven pages and is a great starting point for all events. 

The following eight sections provide more details regarding information outlined in the “Event Fundamentals” section. Each section guides ATA members through the subtleties of event-planning. Each section is color-coded to help navigate the content.

– Event Budget
– Event Timeline and Checklist
– Decorations
– Food and Beverages
– Hired Assistance
– Marketing Plan
– Prepare for Visitors
– Event Follow Up & Evaluation

The workbook also lists 30 supplemental materials in its appendix, including checklists, sign-up sheets, event template flyers; and sample documents like a photo release, liability waiver, post-event survey, and event budget. It also includes FAQs, diagrams, schedule outlines, and step-by-step documents for creating a Facebook event, adding a Google Map to a website, or managing a business’s Google listing.

These resources save ATA members time and energy, and help them anticipate and conquer challenges throughout the planning process.

Download the workbook for free by logging in to your MyATA member dashboard. Photo Credit: ATA

Download the Workbook

To download the free Event Planning Workbook, log into your MyATA member dashboard and click “Download Free ATA Resources.” Search for “Event Planning Workbook,” and then add the pages to a three-ring binder to start planning.

Every event and business is unique, so some workbook pages or sections might be more helpful than others. A “Bowhunting 101” seminar, for instance, might not require registrations, hired assistance, and food and beverages, but a tournament would. Just use the workbook sections relevant to your event.

After downloading the workbook, select which pages to print to help plan your event.

You can also download the supplemental materials listed in the appendix separately.

If you have a question or need extra event-planning documents, please contact Nicole Nash, ATA’s manager of range and retail programs, at

Please note: When planning events during the COVID-19 pandemic, please follow local, state and federal rules and recommendations. Visit the ATA’s Coronavirus webpage for tips on keeping staff and customers safe.

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