ATA Members and State Agencies Use ATA’s Consumer Content; You Should, Too!

ATA staff create sharable content to make your business better and your life easier.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA runs the Archery 360 and Bowhunters United consumer websites, meaning the content on each site is available to ATA members and partners to use in their marketing and communication efforts. If you’re not taking advantage of this unique (and free) ATA-member benefit, you should be!

Add the Bowhunters United and Archery 360 widgets to your page for constant content. Photo Credit: ATA

Website Widgets

Many ATA-member retailers use the Archery360 and Bowhunters United widgets on their websites. The widgets help members populate their websites with fresh, unique archery and bowhunting content that attracts and engages customers. To join in on the action, add the HTML code to your website to install the widget. Then, you’ll automatically post two or three articles weekly to your website without lifting a finger! Follow the Archery 360 and Bowhunters United widget installation instructions to get started.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department references Bowhunters United content in their newsletter. Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Customizable Content

If you prefer to customize the content, you can do that, too! In fact, here’s how two state wildlife agency representatives use the content and what the staff think about the information and sharing process.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department uses Bowhunters United content in its “Bowhunter by Fall” newsletter campaign and bowhunter recruitment efforts with in-person workshops. Robert Owen, outreach and recruitment manager for the TPWD, started using the Bowhunters United content because it’s diverse, high quality and easily accessible.

“Having it available to us, at the high quality in which it was created, offered us the ability to share it easily and have confidence that the content was accurate, well done, and effective in getting the right message to the participating audience,” he said. “I was able to point to the Bowhunters United content for new users to further their understanding by reading beyond the introduction of topics that our newsletters allowed for. The website was a terrific place to let people dive in further in the areas that they thought they needed more help.”

Likewise, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources uses Archery 360 resources on the Wild Ohio Harvest Community webpages to provide introductory content for anyone interested in sustainably harvesting and cooking their own wild game and fish. On its “Getting Started: Archery” webpage, the ODNR links to Archery 360 content to help people learn about archery safety and introductory information.

Johanna Dart, outreach coordinator in the ODNR Division of Wildlife, oversees the platform and sees firsthand how beneficial it is to share ATA’s content.

“We decided to use the content because the Archery Trade Association is an excellent partner, and the resources are engaging and written well for those new to the archery community,” she said. “The information available is helpful and well presented. We would recommend others use them to help teach others, or review for themselves!”

Owen had the same thought and encourages others to use the comprehensive and engaging content to save time. He also enjoys how helpful and easy it is to work with the ATA team.

“The (content) is easy to use and you can find something applicable to users who span the scale of interest and existing ability,” he said. “ATA has been very helpful and responsive to questions. I don’t feel like I’m laboring the ATA staff with my asks for assistance and the tone of conversation is always supportive and welcoming when doing business with the ATA as a proud partner of TPWD.”

ATA’s Conservation Initiative

The ATA’s Conservation Initiative also has grab-and-go resources regarding conservation education. ATA staff created the initiative to boost hunting participation nationwide by teaching archers and nonhunters their role in conservation and detailing how hunters contribute generously to wildlife-management programs. The initiative shares activities, resources and information with educators, state-agency staff, tournament directors, conservation officers and other ATA partners to explain how archers and bowhunters improve land access, wildlife management and habitat-restoration programs. Click here to see what’s available.

Check out Explore Bowhunting content for easy-to-share, interactive, educational information. Photo Credit: ATA

Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing Programs

Looking for program content? We’ve got you covered there, too. The ATA’s Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing programs have information and activities to provide quality education. TPWD uses these resources and teaches volunteers how to use the Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing curriculums with their audiences. Owen said using the Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing activities was “much less labor intensive and formed programs for a public audience at a much quicker rate (than creating our own).” He also feels confidence that the message is easily digested.

If you have questions regarding the ATA’s consumer content and how you can incorporate it into your business, please contact Nicole Nash, ATA’s senior manager of outreach, at

State agencies interested in using the content can work with Josh Gold, ATA’s senior manager of R3 and state relations. He’s available at

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