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#ATA2020 Sponsorships: Top 5 Picks and Why we Love Them

Stay true to your budget with these Trade Show sponsorships.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

Are you seeking a unique way to publicize your brand and products at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 9-11? Check out the ATA’s primary sponsorship opportunities, and get them while you can to capitalize on preferred placement.

Sponsorships are fantastic marketing tools that drive sales, support the industry, boost customer awareness, and make your brand stand out from its competition. The ATA offers many sponsorships for every budget.


Food Courts — “Satisfy Your Brand’s Appetite”

Why we love this sponsorship:

The Show floor has two food courts – and you can own both. This sponsorship lets you put your logo and message on food-court tables, centerpieces and entrance banners.

Potential marketing ideas:

–  Use the space to tell your story or product history.
–  Announce a cutting-edge product or service.
–  Explain why your product is tops in your category.

On Sale Now: $7,500 for both Show-floor food courts (originally $9,000).

Virtually everyone will throw away trash at some point during the day. A trash can sponsorship can get you a lot of notice. Photo Credit: ATA

Trash Cans— “When Trash Talk is a Good Thing”

Why we love this sponsorship:

With 180-plus trash bins across the Show floor and 180-degree branding on each bin, your message is hard to miss!

Potential marketing ideas:

–  Create a QR Code that urges attendees to enter your sweepstakes or giveaway.
–  Use a play on words. Try this boast: “Everything you thought you knew about archery goes here!” Use an arrow graphic to point to the trash slot, and unveil a new product or service below the text.
–  Use the trash bin’s space and cube-like shape to mirror or emphasize your product.

On Sale Now: $4,500 (originally $6,500).


Shooting Lane Apparel — “Safety is YOUR Priority”

Why we love this sponsorship:

This opportunity aligns your brand with safety, a shared priority of all Show attendees. It also lets you dress shooting-lane volunteers in your garb! The ATA approved brightly colored shirts and caps instead of vests for the 2020 Show. In other words, you can be creative.

Potential marketing ideas:

–  Use a clever saying in your T-shirt design to make your sponsorship memorable.
–  Give ATA shooting-lane volunteers hats or caps to strengthen your message and create a polished “uniform.”

On Sale Now: $4,500 (originally $6,000).


Column Wraps and Overhead Banners – “Overhead but Not Over Budget”

Why we love this sponsorship:

These banners are big, bold, affordable and placed in high-traffic areas where people see your brand before reaching the Show floor.

Potential marketing ideas:

–  Encourage Show attendees to use a specific social-media hashtag for chances to win cool products.
–  Make people smile with a funny, witty saying or picture that connects your brand to fun times.
–  Make the space a backdrop for photo opportunities. Encourage attendees to take photos with your banner or column wrap, and send them to friends and family members.

On Sale Now: $3,500 for the first wrap or banner, and your second one is half-off!

Everyone walks away from the registration table with a goodie bag. This is an excellent sponsorship to get eyes on your brand. Photo Credit: ATA

Goodie Bag Inserts – “Get Inside the Bag.”

Why we love this sponsorship:

It’s free, of course, but Goodie Bag inserts also put your company’s name and products in front of every attendee! New for the 2020 Show: The ATA will waive sponsorship fees for bag inserts, as long as you submit items or products that meet ATA requirements. You must provide at least 3,000 items to qualify.

Potential marketing ideas:

–  Include a product to introduce 3,000 retailers to your brand and your quality product.
–  Take-home sponsorship items promote your brand after the Show. Include practical items like logoed pens, mugs, decals, T-shirts, mousepads, tumbler cups, or Allen wrenches.

New price: FREE

Please note: The ATA must approve your Goodie Bag insert. Email your idea to Jill Schaben, senior manager of marketing and communications, at for approval.

Additional fees might apply for sponsorship items that require additional production, installation or removal work.

To buy a sponsorship or discuss your options, contact Jill Schaben at (866) 266-2776, ext. 134, or

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