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#ATA2022 Is a B2B Show but What Does That Mean?

Learn who’s allowed into the 2022 ATA Trade Show — and what badge requirements they need to attend.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The annual ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest event. Around 10,000 people from the archery and bowhunting sector attend the show annually to network, conduct business and promote commerce within the industry.

The ATA Show is a B2B or “business-to-business” event. B2B is when one company makes a transaction with another company. Because the ATA Show is B2B, only ATA members can attend, and all ATA members must have a business that focuses on archery and bowhunting. ATA-member businesses include archery and/or bowhunting retailers, manufacturers, distributors, nonprofits, ranges, guides, media companies and government entities like state fish and wildlife agencies. In other words, the ATA Trade Show is closed to the public.

This rule helps industry members focus on industry growth and business transactions while attending the Show.

The first day of the Show will be reserved for verified buyers and exhibitors. Photo Credit: ATA

Buyer Day

ATA staff also designated Day One of #ATA2022 (Jan. 7) as Buyer Day, which restricts the Show floor to verified buyers and exhibitors (red and yellow badges). Buyer Day gives buyers and manufacturers the chance to write orders, make business plans and evaluate new products more efficiently. All other verified Show attendees (black, gray, blue, green and orange badges) can access the Show floor Jan. 8-9. Click here to learn more about Buyer Day.

Registered archers will be allowed onto the Show floor on the third day of the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

How the USA Archery Tournament Affects Attendance

With the addition of the 2022 USA Archery 25 Meter Shootout tournament, many are wondering what that means for the Show’s “members-only” rule.

For the most part, the rule stands. No consumers or tournament participants will be allowed on the Show floor on Friday or Saturday, Jan. 7-8. That said, anyone who registers for — and shoots in — the tournament will receive a “tournament participant” badge, which grants them access to the Show floor on Day Three, which is Sunday, Jan. 9. The tournament participant badge is custom made and won’t look like the typical ATA Show badge. Its unique appearance will help ATA members differentiate consumers from industry representatives.

USA Archery also has an archer verification process to ensure every registrant is a verified competitor. People can’t just register for the tournament to gain access to the Show floor on Day Three. People who don’t compete will not be allowed in. Archers must shoot in the tournament to access the Show floor on Sunday. Although verified tournament participants will be allowed on the floor, they will not be allowed to place orders or buy products. The business aspect and “members-only” prestige of the Show remains intact.

As a way for the archery and bowhunting industry to gain additional funds,  ATA has made it possible for tournament participants to purchase one “tournament participant guest” badge for $50 and up to five subsequent badges for $100 each. These guests must follow the same rules as the tournament participant. They will only be allowed on the Show floor on Sunday, Jan. 9, and they will not be allowed to place orders or buy products.

Maria Lewis, ATA’s senior director of Trade Show and membership, reassures ATA members that the change will not affect business at the Show.

“Our priority has been and will always be our members,” she said. “As the trade show industry continues to evolve, we make conscious decisions to add elements to the Show experience that benefit our members and help showcase our partnerships within the industry.”

Registration is now open! Photo Credit: ATA

ATA Trade Show Registration

Registration for the 2022 ATA Trade Show opens Aug. 10. Again, the ATA Trade Show is a business-to-business event. You must be an ATA member to register. ATA members will have access to the ATA’s hotel block after they register for the Show. Please join the ATA or renew your membership so you’re prepared when it’s time to register and book your hotel room.

Additionally, ATA members can attend the Show per usual and compete in the tournament, but they need to register for both badges separately. In other words, ATA members should register through their MyATA member dashboard on or after Aug. 10 to attend the Show and they should register through USA Archery on or after Aug. 16 to compete in the tournament.


USA Archery Tournament Registration

If you’re not an ATA member but you’re interested in participating in the tournament, you can register for the 2022 USA Archery 25 Meter Shootout tournament starting Aug. 16. The registration fees to compete in the tournament (which include access to the ATA Trade Show Floor) are $500 for the compound division, $250 for the recurve division and $180 for the barebow division. After registration, participants will be sent a code that allows them to book their hotel room in the official ATA hotel block.

If you have questions about the 2022 Show, please contact the ATA business, membership and Trade Show office at (507) 233-8130.

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