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Buyer Day at #ATA2022

Only ATA-member buyers and exhibitors can access the Show floor on Buyer Day. Explore these alternate options to make the most of your time.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

Buyer Day, which debuted at the 2020 ATA Trade Show, is back for the 2022 Show in Louisville, Kentucky, Jan. 7-9 (the Show was online only in 2021). Since Buyer Day was new the first year and skipped the second year, it’s time for a refresher on what Buyer Day is, why it’s important for the industry, and how to plan your time at the Show regardless of your badge type.

Buyer Day was introduced in 2020 and only admits verified buyers and exhibitors onto the Show floor the first day of the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

About Buyer Day

Buyer Day restricts the Show floor to verified buyers and exhibitors (red and yellow badges) Jan. 7, Day One of the 2022 Show. Buyer Day ensures buyers and manufacturers can focus on order writing, business planning and new-product evaluations during the first nine and a half hours of the three-day Show. All verified Show attendees will have access Jan. 8-9. Please remember, the ATA Show is a business-to-business event, meaning only ATA members are allowed to attend.

Retailers and exhibitors rank writing orders and accomplishing business tasks as top reasons to attend the Show. Plus, over 80% of retailers surveyed after the 2020 ATA Trade Show said Buyer Day was a positive addition to the Show, and 90% of retailers surveyed said they wanted Buyer Day to return for future events. Buyer Day was established to give buyers and exhibitors time to focus on business — and it worked, which is why it’s back for 2022.

Planning for Buyer Day on Jan. 7

Buyers and exhibitors: If you’re an ATA member with a buyer or exhibitor badge, you’ll be allowed into the ATA Trade Show on Day One for Buyer Day. Buyers should create a list of their must-see exhibitors and make them a priority as they navigate the Show floor. Buyer Day decreases Show floor traffic and congestion, which allows everyone to focus on business.

Show attendees can visit the New Product Launch Showcase and preview new gear without having to go onto the Show floor. Photo Credit: ATA

All other Show attendees: The Show floor in the Kentucky Exposition Center opens to all other Show attendees the next two days, Jan. 8-9, Saturday and Sunday. Although press, media members, state agency representatives and nonexhibiting individuals won’t be allowed on the Show floor for Buyer Day, they can still make the most of their time Friday by:

  • scheduling meetings and appointments off the Show floor;
  • attending Connections: An ATA Happy Hour Presented by Outdoor Sportsman Group;
  • visiting the press room for information about businesses and products and attending the media summit (press only);
  • and browsing the New Product Launch Showcase, which houses products released after Oct. 1, 2021, and at the Show.

The ATA offers these fun and educational events on Friday to ensure all industry members can have an enjoyable, productive Show experience. View the 2022 schedule of events to see all Trade Show happenings.

Registration for #ATA2022 opens Aug. 10. Press registration opens Sept. 21. Please keep Buyer Day in mind as you book hotels and plan your trip. If you have questions about the 2022 Show, please contact the ATA business, membership and Trade Show office at (507) 233-8130.

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