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#ATA2022 Sponsorships to WOW Attendees

Get an #ATA2022 sponsorship now to support the industry and give your business a marketing head start at the Show.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

Act now to secure a sponsorship at the 2022 ATA Trade Show, Jan. 7-9 at the Kentucky Exposition Center!

Sponsorships allow you to support the industry, showcase a service or product and build business relationships. In return, you’ll boost brand visibility, generate leads, gain valuable insights and improve your company’s public image. Sponsorships are a win-win.

Thankfully, the ATA has sponsorships of all types so you can find one that fits your company’s budget and goals.

The ATA is offering sponsorships in bundled packages this year. Photo Credit: ATA

New for 2022: Packaged Sponsorships

Get more and save big with a sponsorship package. Each package has been carefully designed to give the sponsor a prominent Show placement and more value for their investment.

  • Signage Packages in Gold, Silver and Bronze: Plaster your brand on a combination of banners, column wraps and door clings, depending on the level you choose. Each sign will be located in a high-traffic area for maximum exposure.
  • Digital Packages in Gold, Silver and Bronze: #ATA2022 has gone digital. Reach an even larger audience on the ATA’s digital platforms. Each package delivers a mix of sponsored Buzz Alerts, email or mobile app banners, ATA social posts and Wi-Fi options.

Please note: If a package sponsorship isn’t in your budget, you can buy the sponsorship elements individually.

The Main Registration sponsorship is still available! Act now! Photo Credit: ATA

“Up for Grabs” Sponsorships

Contracts ended and some very prominent sponsorships are up for grabs! Act fast! These sponsorships have a deadline of July 30.

  • Main Registration: Visually connect with every attendee at the Show by sponsoring the registration station and several Express Pass kiosks.
  • Entrance Structures: Be the brand that welcomes visitors at the Show floor entrance. There’s nothing more inviting than a friendly greeting. The ATA will work with you to design the structure.

Floor directionals are a great way to advertise your booth all across the Show floor. Photo Credit: ATA

Go-To Sponsorships

These no-fail sponsorships do the job — and get the job done well.

  • Floor Directionals: The Show floor is busy, so people must watch where they’re walking. Guide them right to your booth with a large, on-the-ground, logoed sticker!
  • Coffee Talks: Everyone at the ATA Show is on the go. Give them the go-go juice they need. Sponsor Coffee Talks to give attendees free coffee and get appreciation from attendees.
  • Hotel Keycards: Let attendees carry you around in their pocket. By sponsoring hotel keycards, you’ll ensure attendees see your logo and booth number regularly throughout the Show.
  • Big Buck Tags: Buy a coupon in the Big Buck Tags book for $100 to promote a giveaway or Show special. If you use the right bait, you’ll lure attendees your way with the most affordable ATA sponsorship.
  • Custom Sponsorships: Have an idea for featuring your brand at the Show? We’d love to hear from you and will entertain custom sponsorship ideas!

To buy a sponsorship or discuss your options, contact Jill Schaben at (507) 233-8147, or

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