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ATA members have free access to industry-generated information that helps grow their business.
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Author: Taylor Walston

The Resource Website offers extensive free marketing and business resources for ATA members. You’ll enjoy 24/7 access to archery and bowhunting marketing images, information that boosts business operations daily, insightful details on shop maintenance, and advice for ensuring a positive environment for employees and customers. The ATA updates those resources regularly to provide relevant material for members. Start browsing to maximize your ATA-member benefits.

Members can share any of our educational videos on their social media. Photo Credit: ATA

Marketing Materials

Photos are powerful marketing tools. The right image evokes emotions, connects with prospective customers, and boosts in-person and website traction. Members can download photos from the Resource Website collection and use them on social media, inside their shops, or in their marketing materials. Update your marketing efforts regularly with fresh options.

Videos are also vital business tools. Members can download educational videos to share on social media or review with staff. Each video breaks down the elements of archery and bowhunting for easy learning. They’re great resources for training staff, creating social-media content, or teaching customers the benefits of various products.

Each customer has unique interests and engages differently with your store in person or online. Review these five consistent consumer profiles: youth, sportsmen, harvesters, trailblazers, and target archers; and then learn how to tailor their experiences. Each target audience looks for different gear and features at archery shops. Your marketing material should reflect those needs, and highlight information about your shop that appeals to each group.

Review business documents and download checklists you can post in your office or in the break room. Photo credit: ATA

Business Advice

Members will find information to help deal with their business’s daily operations. We’ve created a business snapshot to help everyone — new or experienced — calculate operating and labor expenses, and net profits in one table. By reviewing all costs and profits in one place, you’ll keep better track of your spending and where you must adjust or expand.

Retailers new to the industry can use our business plan-template to break ideas into key assumptions with nine basic building blocks.

Your ATA also offers information for employees. Download checklists and guidelines on how to keep your employees involved, and your store clean and organized. It’s much easier to keep your shop looking sharp when all employees know their roles and responsibilities in the upkeep. Members seeking to hire employees can download examples of job descriptions for bow technicians or archery program coordinators.


A Valuable Resource

Members also can download federal excise-tax documents and other industry data. You can read and download reports and studies about sales, bowhunting reactivation, and archery participation.

The Resource Website offers lots of materials to help ATA members grow their shop or strengthen their business. Every document on the site benefits ATA members because  ATA staff regularly upload new or updated content. Learn about the industry and discover its marketing trends.

Watch the above video by Wendy Lang, senior manager of ATA memberships, for more details on benefiting from valuable information on the Resource Website.

Review the ATA’s membership categories, apply for a membership, and explore the Resource Website and other member benefits.

Contact the ATA’s membership office at (866) 266-2776 or with questions, comments, or suggestions for more material.

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