Bowhunters United Unifies Consumers, the Industry Through Partnerships

Join BU as a member or partner to become part of the nation’s premier platform for bowhunters.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Bowhunters United is a national consumer-facing bowhunting organization that’s owned and operated by the Archery Trade Association. More importantly, it’s a unifying organization. It works to unite bowhunters and bowhunting organizations and compiles trusted resources for bowhunters.

How, you ask? Good question. BU’s relationship to the industry makes it uniquely capable of offering exclusive benefits unavailable anywhere else and leveraging existing relationships with like-minded organizations.

BU understands there are many great bowhunting organizations nationwide that create resources and provide information. Each bowhunting group is unique and typically provides expertise on a specific topic, such as conservation, land access, a game animal or hunting safety.

BU is focused on becoming the premier platform for all bowhunters, regardless of why they hunt, how they hunt, what species they hunt, and when or where they participate. Therefore, it works to unite every organization and group that affects bowhunters in some way.

Bowhunters United offers members access to educational content provided by BU partners. Photo Credit: BU

BU partners with individual organizations to provide the bowhunting community with a central hub for bowhunting resources and information. Then, when someone becomes a BU member, they get exclusive access to partner resources, like maps, images, articles, videos, e-books and educational courses. Several hot topics include game species, treestand safety, state-specific bowhunting laws, archery certifications, wild game processing and food prep, and local and national bowhunting issues. BU members also receive discounts from BU partners and outdoor companies. All this is available through the Member Login portal.

Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s senior director of Outreach and Education, said BU partners help empower and educate bowhunters, which strengthens the industry.

“Each bowhunting organization has something unique to offer, and we highlight their strengths,” she said. “Our mission is to unite bowhunters and promote and preserve the sport. Each partner brings something to the table that matters to our members.”

Above are a list of some of Bowhunters United's partners. Photo Credit: BU

Essentially, the partnerships are dual purpose:

1. BU introduces its members to partner organizations using the partner’s shared resources and information. BU also promotes its partners to BU members and communicates the partner’s mission, news and announcements to BU members through a monthly newsletter.

2. Meanwhile, partner organizations provide resources to educate and advocate for BU members. They also tell their organization members about BU so those individuals can join BU to learn about all things bowhunting and connect with other organizations according to their desires.

Working together helps the bowhunting community accomplish more through collaboration. Whether it’s recruiting newcomers, teaching people about their role in conservation or creating ethical, well-rounded bowhunters, everyone wins.

“Instead of us all working separately to our own benefit, we all work together to benefit bowhunting as a whole,” Mazur said. “We’re not competing with other organizations; we’re complementing them and encouraging bowhunters to branch out and join organizations they align with most.”

Together with its partners, Bowhunters United:

  • advocates for the sport by keeping legislators informed about bowhunting;
  • promotes a positive image of bowhunters;
  • provides education and verified, trusted information;
  • celebrates the bowhunting lifestyle;
  • and unites the community of bowhunters nationwide.

Current BU partners include MeatEater, onX Maps, the National Deer Association, The Hunting Public, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the National Field Archery Association, the International Hunter Education Association, the National Bowhunting Education Foundation, and state wildlife agencies.

BU members are automatically entered into our member sweepstakes. Photo Credit: BU

Grow and Support the Bowhunting Community

Any individual who loves bowhunting should join BU and become a member. Likewise, any organization that works on behalf of deer, conservation or bowhunters should partner with BU. Here’s how.

Join BU as a Member: Your contribution will help BU advocate for the sport, conserve public lands and build the next generation of bowhunters through training, education and other programs.

Anyone ages 18 and up can join at one of three levels: Basic Membership is $30, Standard is $60, and Premium is $100. Membership dues fund grassroots initiatives to grow the bowhunting community as well as conservation work at the state and national levels. Members receive an official membership card, window decal, vinyl sticker, BU swag and discounts on hunting products based on the membership tier they choose. They also receive a monthly BU newsletter and access to the BU Member Login portal, which houses the Resource Library loaded with partner resources.

Additionally, BU is running a membership sweepstakes through September. Every member receives at least one entry into the BU Membership Sweepstakes for a chance to win epic hunting trips and prizes, including a UTV, an e-bike, or a four-day hunting trip in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana. Standard members receive five entries, and premium members receive 10. Additional prizes include bows, targets, broadheads, and bow accessories and tools. The sooner you sign up to be a member, the more chances you have to win throughout the year.

Join BU as a Partner: We’re all working toward the same goals: to make a difference for current bowhunters and to ensure bowhunting traditions and opportunities exist for future generations. Joining forces helps unify and strengthen bowhunters and the bowhunting community. Partnering with BU and other bowhunting organizations also ensures maximum output for the sport in terms of advocacy, growth and outreach.

Contact Jennifer Mazur at (507) 233-8139 or to discuss partnership options.

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