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Exhibitors: Consider an #ATA2020 Show Sponsorship

Promote your business with an ATA Trade Show sponsorship.
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Author: Cassie Scott

The ATA Trade Show delivers on visual imagery, eye-catching displays and standout structures for its sponsors. Plaster your company’s name all over those items to boost your brand’s visibility!

Sponsorships, which are fantastic marketing tools, are available for the 2020 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 9-11. They drive sales, support the industry, heighten customer awareness, and ensure your brand stands out from its competition.

Now’s the time to buy a sponsorship. The ATA offers an excellent selection of prime options. Plus, it offers affordable opportunities for every budget.

Show sponsorships are easy to justify. Just ask Danny Reaser, vice president of Outdoor Product Innovations Inc.

“An ATA sponsorship is well worth the money,” Reaser said. “You won’t find another place where you can get almost every member of the archery and hunting industries in one room, so it’s the perfect place to advertise. We see a great return on investment by sponsoring the ATA Show.”

You can have your company's logo featured on our lanyards at the 2020 Show. Photo Credit: ATA

Outdoor Product Innovations sponsored the lanyards at the 2019 Show.“The lanyard sponsorship is the most recognizable sponsorship available because almost every attendee is wearing our brands around their neck,” Reaser said. “It was thrilling to see the Rhino Blinds, Capsule Feeders and LiDCAM logos almost everywhere we looked. We look forward to being the lanyard sponsor in years to come.”

Devin Sweeney, general manager for Nomad Outdoors, agrees that sponsorships are great for business and the industry.

“We support the ATA Show because it allows us to merge our passion and support of bowhunting with the business of supporting and starting new retail and industry partnerships,” Sweeney said. “The ATA Show helps our business by givingus the opportunity to connect face to face, and share our products with retailers and other passionate hunters.”

View the 2020 ATA Trade Show Sponsorship Guide to find a program that fits your brand and budget.

If you can’t find something suitable, contact Jill Schaben, ATA’s senior manager of marketing and communications, to customize a sponsorship that captures your brand’s “wow” factor.

Think outside the box and create an original display. Photo Credit: ATA

Ed Welsh, CEO for Millennium Treestands, created custom seating at the 2019 Show with a custom sponsorship.

“The benches we put out at the ATA Show reflect some of the best advertising I do each year,” Welsh said. “Not only do they provide comfort for the weary walking around the ATA Show, but these benches also give potential customers insight on just how comfortable Millennium stands are in the woods.”

You can also give attendees take-home sponsorship items with ATA Goodie Bags. Over 3,000 retailers receive these bags at the Show.

Getting your product featured in our goodie bag is free this year as long as you submit an ATA approved product sample. Photo Credit: ATA

New for 2020

Goodie Bag sponsorships are FREE for companies that submit items or product samples that meet ATA requirements. Just provide approved swag, and the ATA will waive the $595 fee to include something in the bag. This strategy helps you offer meaningful products in the Goodie Bags.

To buy a sponsorship or discuss your options, contact Jill Schaben at (866) 266-2776, ext. 134, or

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