Industry Communication, Part 2: ATA’s Efforts and Outlets

Tune into ATA’s communications for news and information that boosts your business.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA values your time, and strives to regularly deliver relevant and helpful industry news, information and business tips. All ATA communications follow a strict vetting process that ensures the information is accurate and worthy of your attention.

Allison Jasper, ATA’s senior director of marketing and communications, said the ATA only shares important information that serves ATA-member needs.


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ATA’s Communication Outlets

The ATA delivers that news and information several ways.

–  Trade publications (print) – The ATA submits content for each issue of Archery Business and Inside Archery magazines. That includes informative articles, ATA Trade Show ads, and news from ATA’s leadership staff.

–  Newsletter (email) – The monthly ATA newsletter includes industry updates, “Matt’s Blog” from ATA president/CEO Matt Kormann, important membership and Trade Show information, and industry news and best-practice business articles from The newsletter also highlights key dates on membership and Trade Show deadlines, and industry events and meetings.

–  Press release/member notice/Trade Show Tuesday (email) – Besides the newsletter, ATA members receive four to eight eblasts monthly. Press releases share important political or legislative updates. Member notices inform members about federal excise taxes; unique opportunities; and ATA resources, programs, and advocacy efforts. “Trade Show Tuesday” emails target attendees and exhibitors. Each group receives information relevant to their preparation for the Show and their work there. The member notices and Trade Show Tuesday emails usually require action. For example, members might need to renew their membership, register for an event, or nominate someone for an award or Board of Directors position.

–  Direct mail (print) – The ATA annually mails 15 to 20 items to its members. These include renewal notices, Trade Show postcards, ATA Board ballots, and membership materials and certificates.

–  Web articles (online) – ATA staff and other knowledgeable writers generated 171 articles in 2018. These pieces provide practical knowledge, how-to strategies, and business advice to help ATA members and their businesses. Some articles also highlight industry events or summarize important surveys, reports or ATA efforts.

–  Beyond the Bow podcast (audio/online) – Podcast host Kurt Smith interviews industry representatives to discuss partnerships, archery growth, creating customers, and other topics. These podcasts upload monthly to

–  Social media (online) – The ATA regularly updates its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. These platforms provide information snippets so ATA members can view ATA news and updates at any time. The ATA uses its YouTube channel to share videos about ATA’s member benefits, advocacy efforts, and consumer campaigns.

There are multiple ways to receive information from the ATA. Photo Credit: ATA

Something for Everyone

The ATA surveyed its members this year to learn which communication format they find most useful. Members cited trade publications, email newsletters, and email press releases as their top three options. Direct-mailings ranked fourth, followed by text messages and social media.

The ATA works to ensure its members have options and receive information in their preferred format. If you prefer reading, you can browse hundreds of articles on If you like videos, visit the ATA’s YouTube channel. Members who make long commutes can listen to the podcast.

If you prefer focusing on one communication vehicle, Jasper recommends the ATA newsletter. “It’s a great monthly recap with top articles, action items and key dates,” she said. “It’s a quick, easy way to engage with the ATA.”


Be Attentive

If members don’t take action when prompted by an email, ATA staff send duplicates or reminders to ensure members receive the information. Therefore, the faster you act or respond to emails, the less likely you’ll receive follow-up communications on the same topic.

Make sure you are signed up for the newsletters by confirming your contact information is correct. Photo Credit: ATA

Stay In-the-Know

Don’t miss a beat. Tune into all ATA communications. Check your email, subscribe to the podcast, follow the ATA’s social platforms, and regularly visit the homepage. Consider scheduling time into your calendar to browse ATA materials.

To ensure you’re receiving ATA emails and direct mailers, please confirm or update your company’s contact information in your MyATA member dashboard. Click here to log in. Then click “My Profile” in the gray menu bar on the left. Edit your contact information, and the ATA automatically adds you to its mailing list or updates your details in its membership directory.

If you verified your information but aren’t receiving emails, check your email spam folder. Also, make the ATA a recognized sender in your contact list after clicking the “settings” tab of your email provider.

If you have questions or need help updating your contact information, contact the ATA at or (507) 233-8130.

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