Manufacturers: Get the Updated ATA Technical Guidelines Document

The ATA technical committee has created a new version of the ATA Technical Guidelines document for manufacturers.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA technical committee has revised the ATA Technical Guidelines so the document is easier to use, follow and understand. The second edition is available to ATA members in the ATA store.

The first edition of the guidelines was created in 2009 to help archery and bowhunting manufacturers have industry guidelines for their products. It’s one of the top five resources downloaded by ATA members year after year.

The guidelines are intended to ensure consistency in how the archery and bowhunting industry tests, measures and evaluates products, which helps promote uniformity and compatibility between components made by all companies. The 66-page digital document also includes terminology and definitions, plus specifications such as thread dimensions and distances between mounting holes for sights.

The ATA technical committee is composed of board of directors members, one ATA staff member, and representatives from ATA-member manufacturers and their equipment engineers. They meet in person once a year and have several remote discussions throughout the year.

Randy Walk and the ATA technical committee carefully crafted this 66-page document. Photo credit: Hoyt

Randy Walk, Hoyt president and ATA technical committee chair, said information in the second edition remains mostly the same, but there are a few key exceptions.

The original document was designed to be printed, which made it clunky to use and access online. The committee wanted to make the document digital-friendly, so it’s easier for manufacturers to use but also easier to update in the future. And the committee took this opportunity to make other much-needed updates, including:

– consolidated definitions
– an appendix to help members easily locate information
– an updated preface and foreword
– the ATA’s new logo and color palette

“A lot of work and energy went into eliminating confusion, reorganizing the document and moving it fully online,” Walk said. “We hope these changes make it easier for users to use, find and understand.”

The guidelines are not industry standards, and industry members aren’t required to follow them. Regardless, Walk said, the industry support has been phenomenal.

“The guidelines provide a guide for how manufacturers can build, measure and prepare products so there’s consistency in the industry,” Walk said. “It’s really great to see manufacturers, who are fierce competitors in the market, follow the guidelines and put their competitiveness aside to come together for a common cause, which is the betterment of the industry and betterment of the consumer experience in archery.”

Members can download the ATA Technical Guidelines for free. Photo Credit: ATA

Members and nonmembers can obtain the document through the ATA store. Look for “Technical Guidelines 2021.” Members can download the document for free or receive a special member-only price on a hard copy. Both versions are available to nonmembers at the regular price.

The ATA thanks Walk and the entire technical committee for their dedication and hard work on this project.

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