MyATA Member Dashboard: Unlock the Full Potential of Your ATA Membership

Your MyATA member dashboard is a practical tool to receive and obtain most ATA-member benefits.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Did you know your MyATA member dashboard helps you unlock the full potential of your ATA-member benefits?

It’s true! You can use your dashboard to pay your membership dues, communicate with your peers, update your business contact information, request ATA resources and merchandise, and more.

Plus, your member dashboard is easy to use. If you get stuck or want more directions, read the ATA’s how-to tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Let’s review several important MyATA Login features.

The MyATA Dashboard gives you access to all our membership benefits in one place. Photo Credit: ATA

Permanent Tools

–  Update your Business Information: Don’t wait for business hours to call the ATA’s membership office to update your company records. You can easily change your business’s name, address, services, website link, or contact information in the “My Managed Organizations” section of your member dashboard. Click here for step-by-step instructions to update your store’s information. It’s essential to keep your information up-to-date to ensure customers can find your business using the ATA’s store locator. Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of your screen when updating your account information.

–  Add Team Members to Your Account: In the “My Managed Organizations” section, add your employees to your account by creating a roster. This allows everyone on your team to access the member dashboard tools and resources using their own profile. By adding people to your team, they’ll have their own account to watch tutorials, secure Trade Show badges, request ATA products, and download tools and resources. Essentially, they’ll be able to do everything you can – except manage the company’s information. Only the ATA’s primary business contact can add or remove staff to their account. If you’re an employee who wants access to your own MyATA Login account, ask your employer to add you to their roster.

–  Pay Your Membership Dues: Renewing your ATA membership is easier than ever, thanks to your member dashboard. Process your payment and renew your membership benefits in real-time using the ATA’s secure network. To renew, click “Pay Membership Dues and Open Balances,” located under the red dollar symbol. Then, click “Make Payment,” located on the right, and follow the prompts.

–  Request or Purchase ATA Products: Get stickers, posters, and ATA merchandise by clicking “Online Store” in the grey sidebar. The ATA adds and removes products based on availability. Check back for different options.

–  Communicate with Your Peers: Click “Network and Make Connections”to access ATA Connect, an online discussion community for ATA members. The platform helps you build peer connections and talk regularly with like-minded business owners. You can also engage in polls to express your opinion with a simple click. ATA Connect has two discussion communities. All ATA members are invited to share ideas, ask questions, and get business advice on the MyATA Network community. Meanwhile, the Retail Growth Interact community is exclusive to ATA-member retailers.

–  Access the Membership Directory: Easily look up business contacts and industry representatives by clicking the “Membership Directory” icon, or the “Memberships” drop-down menu in the grey sidebar to access the “ATA Membership Directory.” Members must electronically agree to a confidentiality agreement to view the document. Search for members by name, category, membership type or other filters. The directory is dynamic and updates in real-time, so check back periodically for up-to-date information. Learn how to access the membership directory here. 

–  Download Free Resources: Get free images, guides, content, and information to help you run and promote your business thanks to the ATA’s Resource Website. Access the site by clicking the “Download Free ATA Resources” icon.  Follow these how-to guides to learn more about the site. Once inside, use the “Downloads” tab to search for resources organized by topic and membership category. ATA staff created all the resources, which were strategically named to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Download as many resources as you’d like, there’s no limit! If you have any questions or need help logging in, email

–  MyATA Learning Center: Unlike the Resource Website, which provides static images, flyers, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and other resources, the MyATA Learning Center offers on-demand education opportunities that use interactive learning. You can watch video tutorials and take quizzes to improve your business. The MyATA Learning Center was inspired by members requesting learning opportunities. It helps ATA members strengthen general business best practices.

Take care of everything you need for the Trade Show in one location. Photo Credit: ATA

Trade Show Tools

–  Register for Trade Show Badges and Book Your Room:  Everyone who attends the annual Trade Show needs a badge. ATA members can register for badges online through the member dashboard. Click “Badge Registration” and follow the on-screen prompts to register and pay. Click here for badge registration instructions. You’ll gain access to the ATA hotel block during the final stage of the ATA Trade Show registration process. After registering online, be sure to click “Check Out.” Then, click the “Book Hotel” link and follow the instructions to quickly book rooms. You can also register for an archery instructor certification class through the “Badge Registration” section of your MyATA member dashboard.

–  Access the Exhibitor Service Center: Trade Show exhibitors can manage their entire booth by clicking the “Exhibitor Service Center” icon. You can order Show necessities, like carpet, electrical, hardwired internet, and other booth furnishings. You can also purchase a sponsorship or enter a booth event through the Exhibitor Service Center.

–  Purchase a Sponsorship: Get sponsorship information and make sponsorship payments through your member dashboard. To get started, click the “Sponsorship” icon to see your options, including Goodie Bags, skywalk ads, overhead banners, Big Buck Tags, and trash can wraps. To learn more or purchase a sponsorship, contact Jill Schaben, ATA’s senior manager of marketing and communications, at (866) 266-2776, ext. 134, or

–  Apply to Present at #ATA2020: The 2020 ATA Trade Show features multiple education opportunities, including seminars, Coffee Talks, and hands-on demonstrations, which are new for 2020. It’s easy to apply on your member dashboard. Click the “Call for Presenters” icon to apply. Because you’re already signed into your ATA-member account, the form automatically fills your name and contact information. It’s never been easier to apply to present your skills, talents, or knowledge with industry members.

–  Complete Member Surveys: The ATA always wants your input to improve its offerings, services, initiatives and member benefits. Click the “MyATA Member Survey” link to provide your opinion and advice anonymously. Surveys only take a few minutes. Use these survey opportunities to provide honest responses that help guide the ATA’s decisions regarding future goals, objectives, projects and initiatives.

–  Nominate Someone for an Impact Award: Do you know a person or company inspiring others to enjoy and participate in archery or bowhunting? If so, use your member dashboard to nominate them for an impact award. It’s free and the submission process is easy. Click “Impact Award Nominations” to get started. Click here to learn more about the ATA’s “Best in Show” awards program.

Your MyATA member dashboard is a practical tool to receive and obtain most ATA-member benefits. Learn to use it, and you’ll discover a lot about your peers, the industry, and how to improve your business.

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