Renew Your ATA Membership, Retain Your Benefits

Renew your membership to retain your ATA-member benefits.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Scott

Act now to renew your ATA membership for 2019-2020, or you’ll risk missing out on your ATA-member benefits.

Renew your membership to continue access to the great member benefits. Photo credit: ATA

The ATA’s membership year runs from April 1 to March 31. The ATA gives members a 2-month grace period to renew, but that extension ends May 31. If you don’t renew before then, you’ll lose these benefits:

–  Educational opportunities– Get certified to teach archery and create business-boosting programs.
–  Access to resources– Get free images, guides, content and information to help you run and promote your business.
–  Advocacy efforts – ATA advocates for you on vital issues like access programs, hunting rights and regulations, protecting public lands, fighting chronic wasting disease, and “R3” programs that recruit, retain and reactivate hunters.
–  MyATA Service Providers– MyATA service providers offer expert support and service discounts.
–  Access to teaching curriculums – ATA’s Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing programs help retailers attract new customers and boost archery participation.
–  Business growth– ATA’s consumer websites – and – drive customers to your store.
–  Access to industry data– Get exclusive in-depth research on industry trends and market demographics.
–  Networking opportunities– Connect online with peers and industry professionals through ATA Connect, or in person at the ATA Trade Show.
–  Business support– Get coaching and information on critical issues like counterfeiting, intellectual property, and federal excise taxes.
–  ATA staff support– ATA staff dedicate themselves to serving members and providing assistance.

ATA members can also take pride knowing their membership dues help the ATA inspire growth and increase participation in archery and bowhunting. For example, the ATA recently partnered with Archers USA to help beginners learn about archery equipment and enjoy their introduction to this lifelong sport. Efforts like those help create new customers who seek gear, lessons and advice from ATA-member retailers.

Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior membership manager, said ATA members have more to gain this year than ever as the ATA responds to members’ needs and suggestions. The ATA made several changes to address issues identified during strategic planning in 2018, an effort that included the ATA Member Benefits Advisory Team.

The group is creating a communications plan to better inform ATA members of their benefits, and ensure those benefits are easy to find. The ATA will also debut a “MyATA Learning Center,” which will provide on-demand education opportunities. The member-benefits team is also exploring other potential benefits, including discount programs and insurance options.

“If you have a member-benefits idea or request, please call,” Lang said. “I love talking with our members and I’d love to hear from you.”

Click on the icon above once you've logged into your member profile. Photo credit: ATA

If you haven’t renewed ATA membership, it’s easier than ever to do so through the “MyATA Login.” Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your “MyATA Login” account.
Step 2: Click “Pay Membership Dues and Open Balances,” located under the red dollar symbol.
Step 3: Click “Make Payment,” located on the right, and follow the prompts.

Once your payment processes, you’ll receive two emails from us, one with a receipt and one that summarizes your ATA benefits.

What if you miss the May 31 deadline? Your dues order will still be accessible using the steps above.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Lang at (507) 233-8134 or

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