Retailers: Do You Offer Customers Contactless Payment Options?

Discover how these MyATA service providers can help your store be more hygienic with contactless payment options and a mobile point of sales system.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Does your business have a contactless payment option? If not, now’s the perfect time to upgrade. Christmas is right around the corner, and customers who shop in-person want to minimize contact during transactions. Many stores now support contactless payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Fortunately, the ATA has two MyATA Service Providers that have contactless technology processor services. Celerant Technology and CardConnect API by Savings4Members both said it’s important to offer this service to customers, especially over the holidays.

“Being able to meet customers where they are and providing contactless payment options has always been important, but with external factors like COVID-19, (these offerings) are more important than ever,” said Michele Salerno, Celerant Technology’s director of marketing.

Jerry Smith, owner of CardConnect AIP, agrees. “Adhering to social distancing is very important,” he said. “Having contactless payment options allows merchants and their customers to comply.”

Both companies are committed to helping ATA members install the systems before the holidays to ensure retailers are providing customers with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Here’s an overview of the software offerings and how ATA members can get started.

CardConnect offers 24/7/365 support. Photo Credit: IMARK Plumbing

CardConnect AIP

CardConnect is available through the Savings4Members brand. CardConnect is a credit card processor that offers point-to-point encryptions, which is the highest level of security for credit card transactions. Because of the extra security, CardConnect helps retailers save time, simplifying  the Payment Card Industry certification process, Smith said. PCI certification takes about 15 minutes rather than the typical two hours with other providers.

The system saves retailers money by auto-filling required data fields on business credit card transactions through Interchange Optimization. The more information that is passed during a transaction, the less risk card companies perceive, so they lower the processing fees. Smith wrote an article about the concept regarding business-to-business transactions, but the same concept applies for consumers using business cards. Click here for more information. CardConnect also provides next-day funding to ensure companies get their money quickly.

CardConnect offers a few hardware options, including devices like FD, Clover, and CardPointe. Each device is sold at cost and is “plug and play.” Smith said the setup and training process usually takes about 20 minutes. CardConnect also offers a 24/7/365 terminal hotline so customers have full-time support.

“CardConnect AIP’s mission statement is to be their clients’ last processor by providing honest pricing and best in class customer service from people who understand your business,” Smith said. “We have been in business for 12-plus years and manage a multi-billion dollar portfolio.  What really speaks to the viability of our program is the fact that we have maintained a single digit attrition for 12-plus years in an industry that averages 25 to 40%.”

To learn more, please contact Jim Maddox, CardConnect’s director of business development, at or (623) 233-4211. You can also watch the “Save Money with Savings4Members” video in the MyATA Learning Center. Veronica Pratt of Savings4Members outlines CardConnect features (at the 11:45 mark).

Cumulus Retail pulls images and product descriptions directly from the distributor’s system. Photo Credit: Celerant

Cumulus Retail

Cumulus Retail by Celerant Technology is a mobile point of sale software system that supports contactless payments. The software is browser-based, meaning it can run on tablets, mobile devices and desktop terminals, allowing retailers to service customers curbside, offsite or anywhere in their store. Retailers can get the point of sale system, contactless payment products or both.

“Even if retailers don’t want to go the mobile point of sale route, we support and offer contactless payments, too,” Salerno said. “Clients can start small and grow their offerings. Technology in the retail industry is moving quickly and COVID-19 accelerated the pace. We’re available to help ATA members with whatever they want or need.”

The Cumulus Retail point of sale system integrates with distributors like Kinsey’s, Sportsman Supply and Liberty Mountain, allowing for a simple transition to an online point of sales system. Cumulus Retail pulls images and product descriptions from the distributor’s system so retailers can get set up quickly. Retailers can use their own hardware, or buy it from Celerant or an outside provider.

Salerno said retailers can take the training and set up the system in seven days. Celerant will also work with retailers to create and establish an e-commerce website. That process can be live in 10 days. Opting to install and use the contactless payment software requires less set up and training.

To discuss your options, please contact Barry Levine, a Celerant sales representative, at (718) 351-2000, ext. 256, or You can also watch Salerno’s educational video. “5 Myths of Digital Retail: Selling Through COVID-19 & Beyond” on the MyATA Learning Center. Salerno explains how independent brick and mortar retailers can stay current and competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.


Your MyATA Service Provider Benefits

Unlike some companies, these MyATA Service Providers have no in-store restrictions regarding the sales of firearms, ammunition or archery equipment. Therefore, you can confidently invest in these technology partners.

Plus, ATA staff vet these companies to ensure they’re willing to provide ATA members with the best prices and support possible. They must also offer educational services to ATA members, such as podcasts, videos, webinars, resource guides, or presentations and Coffee Talks at the ATA Trade Show.

If you have questions about your ATA member benefits, please contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior manager of membership, at or (507) 233-8134.

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