Wayne Piersol

Archery Only

Wayne Piersol owns Archery Only Inc., an archery pro shop in Newark, California. He opened the shop in 1989, and boasts over 38 years of industry experience.

Piersol co-founded the National Archery Buyers Association – North America’s largest nonprofit buyers association of archery dealers – and has been vice president of its board of directors for 22 years. He also serves as the ATA Retail Council’s vice chair, and was appointed to the ATA Board of Directors in July 2017.

Piersol’s retail shop serves San Francisco’s Bay Area. He sells archery and bowhunting equipment; runs an indoor range; and offers lessons, leagues and special events for all skill levels and interests, including bowhunting and Olympic-style target archery. He was also named Retailer of the Year by Archery Business magazine in 2006.

Piersol has been honored often for his archery and bowhunting achievements. The feats include the California Bowhunter of the Year award in 2009, and the Whitney Hill Award, the highest award given to California bowhunters, in 2003. He has also worked with Skywalker Sound and Pixar Animation Studios to produce several archery-related movies.

As the ATA Retail Council’s vice chair, Piersol wants retailers to view the Council as a resource that helps them succeed in an ever-changing market. “We want retailers to chime in with ideas on what works at their stores, what doesn’t, and why,” Piersol said. “How much do you charge for labor? What’s selling this year in your area? Are the same products selling in Pennsylvania, California and Michigan? Retailers can help each other a lot.”

Piersol is eager to bring the Council’s voice and his retailing perspectives to the ATA Board. “I welcome this opportunity to work with other dealers and manufactures around the globe,” Piersol said. “I hope to bring an honest business perspective of a brick-and-mortar store to the Board.”

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana