Stay Connected: Tune into Your ATA for Vital News

Check the ATA’s emails, website and social media for updates and inside news.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

After the ATA canceled the 2021 ATA Trade Show, its staff began developing online alternatives to the in-person event. As their efforts evolve into detailed plans and programs, the ATA will update its members. Therefore, members should monitor the ATA’s channels for all the important news.

Here are four ways to stay informed and connected to the ATA.


1. Update your Contact Information in the MyATA Member Dashboard

Please confirm or update your company’s contact information in your MyATA member dashboard. Click here to log in. Then click “My Profile” in the gray menu bar on the left to edit your contact information. Accurate information ensures the ATA, your peers, and industry representatives can contact you. Plus, if you enter a new email address you’ll automatically be added to the ATA’s email list. If your email address is up to date but you’re not receiving ATA emails, you must resubscribe. Follow the instructions in No. 2.

Check your email for newsletters and important industry information from your ATA. Photo Credit: ATA

2. Watch Your Email. Opt in to the ATA’s Email List if You Unsubscribed

Email is the easiest way to stay connected and updated on industry happenings. You’ll receive the following information quickly and directly:

– ATA Trade Show events and deadlines.
– Retail Council and Board of Director election notices.
– ATA program and partnership updates.
– Announcements on ATA initiatives and advocacy efforts.
– Monthly newsletters that recap ATA news.
– Information regarding member renewals, member resources, and federal excise taxes.

If you ever unsubscribed from the ATA’s emailing list, you must resubscribe using the ATA’s subscription form to receive updates. Click here to resubscribe.


3. Sign up to Receive Texts from Your ATA

Many members prefer to receive updates through text messages. The ATA created the Text Alert System to grant that wish. If you want to receive information by text, please opt in to receive these alerts. Click here to sign up.

Visit the ATA's website and check our social media for updated industry information. Photo Credit: ATA

4. Check the ATA’s Website and Social Platforms

Visit the ATA’s website or social platforms weekly. ATA staff write two articles weekly for to help members improve their businesses and better understand ATA decisions and happenings. The ATA also regularly updates its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. These platforms ensure ATA members can see ATA news and updates at any time. The ATA’s YouTube channel shares videos about its member benefits, advocacy efforts, and consumer campaigns.


Capitalize on Your ATA-Member Benefits

As you await 2021 Online Show information, learn all you can about other ATA-member benefits, and how to capitalize on them. Read the ATA article “8 ATA-Member Benefits You Can Use Year-Round” to get started. Check out the ATA’s membership page for more information.

If you have questions, please contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior manager of membership, at (866) 266-2776 ext. 103, or

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