The Best ATA-Member Benefits for Your Business Type

Join the ATA or renew your membership to take advantage of benefits created for your specific business.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Regardless of where you work in the archery and bowhunting industry, the Archery Trade Association is here to support your needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, sales representative or media member who lives and breathes archery and bowhunting, the ATA has something that will make your life and operations better. Take a look at these ATA-member benefits that were created for your specific membership category. Then, join the ATA or renew your membership to gain access to the exclusive benefits.

Please know that the benefits listed under a specific membership category are available to all membership types. However, the ATA understands some resources are more useful than others, depending on your business goals.


Retailers and Ranges

  • Business Development Online Courses: Visit the MyATA Learning Center to get educational content on demand. Take an interactive course with videos, quizzes and handouts. Many retailers like the “Basics of Archery Retail” and “Compound Bow Technician Fundamentals” videos. Others rave about “2022 Archery Industry Masterclass,” which features 16 sessions about business, coaching, marketing and archery tech. Most courses in the MyATA Learning Center are free, but the Masterclass is available to ATA members at the discounted price of $100.
  • Business Resources: Want to hire help? Get sample position descriptions (bow technician, marketing manager, etc.) and sample interview questions from the ATA. Not sure how much to charge for labor and services? The ATA has a document that outlines prices nationwide. Want to host events? Check out the ATA’s Archery and Bowhunting Event Idea Booklet. Then, use the Archery Event Planning Workbook to help plan and execute your events. Many of the ATA’s resources are in the Resource Library or MyATA Learning Center. They’re free with your ATA-member credentials.
  • Range Development Resources: The ATA created the “Archery Range Guide: Retail Edition” and “Archery Range Guide: Temporary Range” to help members build efficient archery ranges. Each guidebook includes tips, maps, graphics, photographs, case studies, how-to details, and possible layouts and suggestions for building ranges.

The Technical Guidelines were updated in 2021 and are a valuable resource for manufacturers. Photo Credit: ATA

Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Federal Excise Tax Guidelines: The ATA created a federal excise tax guidebook to help educate its members on how to pay federal excise taxes, which are collected by the IRS and distributed to state wildlife agencies by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to fund conservation projects. ATA members can reference the guidebook or work with a MyATA service provider to get FET assistance.
  • Intellectual Property Information: The ATA worked with a MyATA Service Provider to create a document that outlines the ownership, registration and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights and patents to help manufacturers understand the laws and stay out of trouble.
  • Technical Guidelines 2021 Version: The ATA created the Technical Guidelines document in 2009 and recently updated the document to ensure consistency in how the archery and bowhunting industry tests, measures and evaluates products. Following the guidelines helps promote uniformity and compatibility between components made by all companies, which makes buying decisions easier for consumers.


Industry Partners (Nonprofit and Government Entities)

  • Field to Fork Curriculum: The ATA worked with partners to create the Field to Fork: A Curriculum for Mentored Hunts guidebook, which gives step-by-step directions for hosting mentorship programs that teach new hunters how to confidently source and cook their own meat. The guide explains how “Field to Fork” programs support and build participants’ confidence as they learn how to hunt and obtain their own meat.
  • Hunting Mentor Guide: The ATA’s Hunting Mentor Guide, created in 2019 with partners, provides ATA members and partners with resources and knowledge to help nonhunters become hunters. It explains why it’s important to mentor and create new hunters, and helps you find potential new hunters, train new mentors and brainstorm what to do for a mentored hunt.
  • Explore Bowhunting Curriculum: The Explore Bowhunting Curriculum created by the ATA and partners is available through a partnership with the National Field Archery Association. This program introduces kids and adults to archery while teaching bowhunting skills. It’s a great educational resource to attract newcomers and provide them with the information they need to succeed. The ATA also has an Explore Bowfishing Curriculum. Contact Josh Gold for more information.



Other Membership Categories (Outfitters, Sales Representatives, Media, etc.)

  • Conservation Initiative: The ATA’s Conservation Initiative strives to boost hunting participation nationwide by teaching archers and nonhunters their role in conservation, and detailing how hunters contribute generously to wildlife management programs. The initiative shares activities, resources and information with ATA members and partners to help recruit new hunters and explain how outdoorsmen and women improve land access, wildlife management and habitat restoration programs.
  • Industry Data, Surveys and Report: Get exclusive research and information on industry trends and market demographics.


All Members

  • Membership Directory: The ATA helps businesses make connections by providing contact information in its free membership directory. Members must electronically “sign” a confidentiality agreement to view the document. Search for members by name, category, membership type or other filters. The dynamic directory helps members form and foster business relationships.
  • MyATA Service Providers: MyATA service providers are ATA-vetted companies that offer discounts and expert support. Consult professionals about issues like insurance, bookkeeping, brand protection, federal excise taxes, supply-chain strategies, and product risk and liability. Click here to review your MyATA service providers, and learn how they can help.
  • Advocacy Efforts/The Action Alert System: The ATA works on behalf of its members to enact laws and policies that help the archery and bowhunting industry. ATA staff advocate for you on issues like counterfeiting, land access, hunting regulations, federal excise taxes and minimum advertised pricing. The Action Alert System was also created to help members stay informed about key issues and provides prewritten messages to members who want to use their voice for good.
  • Access to the ATA Trade Show: The ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and most inclusive show. The event is closed to the public. Only ATA members can attend so they can focus on business. The Show is a can’t-miss industry event. It attracts archery professionals from across the country, and even the world, to discuss the market, build relationships, try new products and grow their businesses.
  • ATA Staff Support: Each ATA staff member is driven to help you succeed. They’re available for advice and questions. Consider them your personal support team, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something.

Visit the ATA’s membership page to see everything the ATA offers.



Renew Your ATA Membership

The ATA’s membership year runs from April 1 to March 31. The ATA opens dues renewals for existing members on March 1. To renew, please watch this quick video tutorial as Sarah Haala, ATA’s Trade Show coordinator, walks you through the simple three-step process to renew your membership online through your MyATA member dashboard.


Join the ATA as a New Member

The ATA opens its 2022-2023 membership year to new members on April 1. If the benefits above interest you, visit the ATA’s membership category page and click the appropriate link to apply for a membership in your business category. You will need to create an account to apply for membership. Your application will be reviewed and approved by ATA Staff within seven business days. ATA reserves the right to change your membership category based on the verification documents provided.



Contact Sarah Haala, ATA’s Trade Show coordinator, at (507) 233-8131 or

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