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Your ATA Delivers a New Look

Your ATA is your North Star in navigating your business.
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Author: Cassie Scott

If you’re lost in the woods on a clear night, how do you get your bearings and learn which direction to go? You look to the North Star.

In the archery and bowhunting industry, the Archery Trade Association is your North Star. We strive to help our members navigate business challenges and cultural shifts. We’re working hard for our members even when they can’t see us. We’re always here for you.

That’s also why we rebranded the ATA. It ensures that we’ll better align ourselves with you, the passionate members of the archery and bowhunting industry. Rebranding goes far deeper than a new logo and revised mission statements. It adds value to ATA memberships, clarifies the ATA’s purpose, and proves the organization is serious about our industry’s future.

As you look around the Show this year, you’ll see many changes. But perhaps the most significant difference is that ATA members are excited about the ATA’s future and its heightened motivation to serve this industry.

In turn, by supporting the ATA staff and Board of Directors, we’ll all be working together to increase participation and generate more revenues through bowhunting, bowfishing, and recreational and competitive archery. We’re here to benefit you and your business, and we’ll help every way we can. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Check out our new mission and vision statements:



ATA’s Mission

We exist to inspire growth, increase participation, and preserve the sports of archery and bowhunting.

ATA’s Vision

The Archery Trade Association works to increase the recruitment and retention of new, current and once-active archers and bowhunters. We are the driving force in defending, educating and lobbying for the greater good of the industry and sport. We preserve and promote archery and bowhunting’s rich heritage to ensure active consumer participation, and successful manufacturing and retailing for generations to come.

Feedback from members prompted the Archery Trade Association’s representatives to evaluate the organization’s structure and membership, and define what we do and where we’re going.

What did ATA’s leaders learn from that process? They agreed the ATA must evolve as its members and industry evolve. The ATA’s leaders understand they’re responsible for inspiring growth, increasing participation, and preserving the legacy they inherited from those who built the archery and bowhunting industry. Therefore, they knew it was time to rebrand the ATA to better reflect the membership’s goals, mission and core values.

Here’s how ATA leaders explain how the group’s essence and personality have evolved, and what rebranding the ATA means to them and the industry’s future.


Matt Kormann, President and CEO

“I’m incredibly impressed with our new look, and our ability to present ourselves in a new way. It aligns us with all our members, positions our industry for a sustainable and profitable future, and shows we’re a valuable partner in tackling challenges and overcoming adversity. I hope the ATA’s rebrand shows how the ATA is focused on our industry’s future, and how important every aspect of our future growth is to our collective business efforts.”


Benjamin Summers, Board of Directors Chair

“The ATA’s rebrand symbolizes the next chapter in our association’s history. Our new logo is a promise to members that their ATA is working tirelessly to increase participation in the sports, while helping to ring cash registers at the stores of our member dealers who sell quality products made by our member manufacturers! It shows we appeal and cater to every person and business in the industry. I hope our rebrand inspires our members to achieve greatness.”


Allison Jasper, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

“I look at our new brand and feel inspired. The iconic arrow symbol ties our brand to the tradition of archery and bowhunting. I hope our new identity resonates with ATA members, and assures them that their ATA is working and fighting for the sport’s future.”

Besides rebranding the ATA, the ATA Board, staff and other industry leaders identified 10 other priorities during strategic-planning sessions last year. Those initiatives are outlined below. View Pages 20-21 in the Show Guide to see updates on each item.


Trade Show Advisory Team:

Works to maximize the ATA Trade Show’s performance to ensure its success and sustainability for years.


Member Benefits Advisory Team:

Audits and improves the ATA’s member services and support structure.


Consumer Organization Feasibility Study:

Helps us understand like-minded organizations and their consumer models. Both are potential areas to further engage consumers and subsequently increase ATA revenues.


Action Alert System:

Identifies and implements an alert system to help ATA members take action on legislative or regulatory issues affecting the industry.


Archery Range Toolkit and Grant Program:

Creates and provides range toolkits that increase a community’s access to archery ranges and programs. It also helps evaluate options for implementing a grant program for ranges.


Consumer Marketing Campaign (Videos):

Creates a consumer campaign to ignite interest in archery and bowhunting, and helps drive consumer participation.


Bowhunting Equipment Standards:

Develops standard positions on bowhunting equipment regulations to help the ATA work with state fish and wildlife agencies to simplify equipment regulations.


High School Sports Feasibility Study:

Explores efforts to sanction archery as an official high school sport.


Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act:

Supports and works to pass the P-R Modernization Act to give state wildlife agencies more flexibility in spending federal excise tax revenues on state- and industry-related growth and participation programs.


Mentoring Guide:

Compiles a comprehensive guide of best practices to help grow bowhunting for future generations.

Your ATA is dedicated to supporting its members, and providing benefits and services that help them make smart business decisions. We’ll continue to be the industry’s leading resource for FET updates, MAP policies, anti-counterfeiting initiatives, and many other member services.

The North Star never wavers. Nor does the ATA. Visit to learn about our goals, projects, programs and more.

We hope you like the ATA’s new look, and that you’re as thrilled as we are about our mission and what we represent. Help us celebrate our rebranding, and share our video on social media. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on industry and Trade Show news and events.

Contact your leaders if you have any questions or want to discuss the ATA’s brand and future. Click on their names to find their contact information.

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