ATA Staff Attend Industry Shows to Gather Intel, Connect with Members

ATA’s presence at industry events helps staff members better understand the needs of archers, bowhunters and ATA members.
Photo Credit: The Vegas Shoot

Author: Cassie Gasaway

ATA staff recently traveled to the National Archery Buyers Association Trade Show held before The Vegas Shoot in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. ATA’s presence at industry events helps staff members better understand the needs of archers, bowhunters and ATA members.

Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s senior director of outreach and education, said each event gives staff perspective and insights that help the organization be more productive.

“It’s important to our members that we go out and spend time at events so the ATA, as an organization, has an intimate knowledge of what’s happening in the archery community,” she said. “These events help us stay relevant and connected to the things that matter most to our members.”

The ATA strives to be efficient with member dollars and is selective regarding which industry events staff attend each year. In the past, ATA staff have attended the Kinsey’s Dealer Show, World Archery Championships, Lancaster Classic, National Archery in the Schools tournaments, Scholastic 3D Archery tournaments, and other archery and bowhunting events.



NABA Show and The Vegas Shoot

The NABA show is a buying group trade show that allows association members to place orders, network with other archery professionals and receive special pricing from archery manufacturers. The show is typically held in Reno, Nevada, which is an ideal location for ATA members on the West Coast who can’t attend the ATA Trade Show in the Midwest. This year, the NABA show was held in conjunction with The Vegas Shoot, which made travel easier for retailers and exhibitors who attend both events.

The Vegas Shoot is the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the world. It draws nearly 4,000 archers from around the globe who range in age, skill level and equipment preferences. Many industry retailers and manufacturers participate in the tournament.

The ATA saw value in attending both events for the price of one, so a few ATA staff members exhibited at the NABA show and made appearances at The Vegas Shoot. During the trip, they met with ATA members to share information about ATA’s resources and member benefits.

Mazur said she introduced several ATA members, who were also NABA members, to the ATA’s Archery Range Guides, Conservation Initiative and Hunting Mentor Guide. She also shared information about Bowhunters United, projects being conducted through the multistate grant program and partnership opportunities for members in their communities.

“Connecting in person is often very productive and beneficial for us and our members,” she said. “It’s easier to get a feel for what they need and then share what we can provide to help them overcome obstacles they’re facing.”

Mazur said many members associate the ATA mainly with the ATA Trade Show, even though the ATA has numerous other ATA-member benefits to offer year-round. Attending industry events allows ATA staff to educate members about all the ways the ATA works on their behalf. ATA’s new President & CEO Jeff Poole also attended both events to meet members, familiarize himself with archery organizations and gather intel on industry issues.

ATA staff shared information about Bowhunters United with other archery and bowhunting enthusiasts at the Great American Outdoor Show. Photo Credit: The Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show

On the consumer side, ATA staff attended the Great American Outdoor Show to introduce outdoor enthusiasts to archery, bowhunting and Bowhunters United, the national organization that makes a difference for current and future bowhunters. The GAOS is a nine-day event in Pennsylvania that celebrates hunting, fishing, and outdoor traditions treasured by millions of Americans and their families.

ATA staff talked to archers and bowhunters to determine what they were most interested in, which legislative issues matter most to them, what they want help or information on, and how BU could provide solutions and resources to help them become better bowhunters. ATA staff sought to determine what resonates most with bowhunting consumers and plans to compile the information to share with members who connect with customers daily.


Reach Out!

Whether you attended these events or not, you can still get help and support from ATA staff. Each person on the ATA team is driven to help you succeed. They’re available for advice and questions. They can share tips and resources and provide information about your ATA-member benefits. Consider them your personal support team, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something. Click here to see the ATA staff page, where you’ll find a photo and contact information for each staff member.

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