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Buyer Day Excites Attendees, Revolutionizes #ATA2020

Attention retailers and manufacturers: Register for the 2020 ATA Show to participate in the all-new Buyer Day.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

ATA-member retailers and manufacturers are excited about the 2020 ATA Trade Show’s many changes, especially the all-new Buyer Day.

Buyer Day restricts the Show floor to only those wearing yellow buyer badges and red exhibitor badges on Jan. 9, Day 1 of the 2020 Show. This change ensures buyers and manufacturers can focus their uninterrupted efforts on order writing, business planning, and new-product evaluations the first 9.5 hours of the three-day Show. The Show floor is open to all registered press, buyers, exhibitors, sales reps, state agencies, and all non-exhibiting categories: manufacturers, non-profit, government, suppliers, media sales, and outfitters/guides, as usual, the next two days, Jan 10-11. As always, the show continues to be a business to business show and is not open to consumers on any day.

The ATA Board of Directors approved the change in April after reviewing post-Show surveys. Many ATA members favor the change, and are excited to attend the Show. Jeff Leonard, co-owner of J & B Outdoors in Missouri, predicts Buyer Day will improve business interactions.

Only attendees with yellow buyer badges and red exhibitor badges will be allowed to attend on Day 1. Photo Credit: ATA

“Buyer Day will alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with trying to place orders in a timely fashion at the ATA Show,” Leonard said. “It will streamline the buying process so we can dive in and get the business side of our ATA work done. Then we can spend the rest of our time checking out new gear and tech.”

Bruce Schmitter, Leonard’s business partner, agrees. “People like to get their business done up front so they can enjoy other aspects of the Show,” he said. “This is a great opportunity for buyers and exhibitors.”

Retailers also look forward to other Show offerings, including certification courses, networking opportunities, and educational experiences at seminars, Coffee Talks and hands-on demonstrations.

Brock Hutchinson, owner of Big Frig, predicts Buyer Day will likely decrease the quantity, but increase the quality, of Show attendees.

“I’m sure attendance will be down on Day 1, but everyone who’s there will be able to buy,” Hutchinson said. “That’s the main reason we attend. Buyer Day will consolidate attendees, remove unnecessary noise, and give us more one-on-one time to talk to buyers and explain product features and pricing.”

Nick Andrews, Nexus Outdoors’ vice president of marketing, was pleased to hear about Buyer Day. He thinks it will eliminate outside distractions, which will help his sales, marketing and production team give buyers and shop owners all their attention. He expects the switch to generate more business, which helps justify the time, expenses and manpower they devote to the Show.

“As a marketer, I’m constantly working to better justify my marketing expenses and their return on investment to our owners and stakeholders,” Andrews said. “Hard, in-hand purchase orders are about the most powerful way to communicate an event’s worth.”

Many exhibitors are also creating incentives to promote order writing on Buyer Day. Big Frig, for example, will offer at least a 10% discount off dealer pricing that day. Meanwhile, ScentLok will give $1,000 cash to a lucky winner each day of the Show. Only retailers who place orders with Nexus Outdoors companies – which includes ScentLok, Blocker Outdoors and others – can enter the giveaway.

“Even before the [Buyer Day] announcement we were taking steps to align the buying season with our preferred timelines,” Andrews said. “It’s become increasingly hard for us to justify attending shows that occur after ATA. They don’t fit into how our business runs. We made the decision to divest from shows after the ATA event, and focus on providing the best service, presentation and venue at the 2020 Show.”

Nexus Outdoors also plans to feature the year’s best pricing at Indy. Such Buyer Day promotions make the Show more valuable to attendees while increasing productivity for exhibitors.

To thank retailers for doing business on the Show floor, the ATA will give away $5,000 all three days to a lucky retailer who places $5,000 in orders at the Show. To enter that drawing fill out the first coupon in the Big Buck Tags book, and drop it off in the MyATA Area. Click here to learn more. And don’t overlook other great Big Buck Tags coupons.

Everyone who attends the Show must wear a badge. Register for 2020 ATA Trade Show badges to secure your spot and start planning your trip. You don’t want to miss out in Indianapolis, Jan. 9-11.

Questions? Need help registering? Contact the ATA Trade Show, business and membership office toll-free at (866) 266-2776, option 2, for help.

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