Cut Business Costs with this ATA-Member Benefit

Savings4Members offers discounts in over 20 business categories from office supplies to HR services.
Photo Credit: Savings4Members

Author: Cassie Gasaway

If you’re looking for safe, convenient ways for your business to save money, look no further. The ATA offers its members deep discounts on programs, services and insurance options through the MyATA service-provider program.

All MyATA service providers are ATA-vetted companies that offer discounts and expertise to ATA members to support and grow the archery industry. One such provider that’s dedicated to saving you money is Savings4Members. This firm became a MyATA service provider in August 2019 after ATA members requested its expertise and programs as one of their benefits.


About Savings4Members

By partnering with other associations, franchises and industry groups like ours, Savings4Members has built a network of over 1.1 million independent businesses. This connects member businesses like yours with the buying power to drastically cut operating costs and a team that makes it simple. Your dedicated Savings Experts will make cutting costs virtually hands-free across 20+ savings categories.

Savings4Members offers a variety of discounts in different categories. Photo Credit: Savings4Members

Providing Discounts

Savings4Members provides over 20 discount programs to ATA members in the United States. ATA members receive special prices on office supplies, wireless services, consumer financing, payroll and HR, credit-card processing, uniforms and facility services, and waste and recycling services, to name a few. ATA members in Canada also qualify for several discounts, which change periodically. ATA members can review the offerings online at

ATA members can watch a webinar to learn more about Savings4Members. Photo Credit: Savings4Members

Providing Education

Granted, most ATA members join the association to attend the Trade Show. Although this massive show delivers many of its own benefits, ATA memberships offer much more, including year-round benefits.

The ATA tightened requirements for its MyATA service-provider program in June 2020 to ensure members received year-round help and support. MyATA service providers must also offer ATA members educational help through podcasts, videos, webinars, resource guides, or presentations or Coffee Talks at the ATA Trade Show. These efforts help ATA members learn tips and techniques to boost their business.

The Savings4Members team produces many helpful tools and resources. Among them is a webinar called “Save Money with Savings4Members,” which explains how ATA members can capitalize on their eligible discounts. Click here to watch the webinar. You’ll be required to log in. ATA members can also watch the webinar by logging into their MyATA member dashboard account and clicking “MyATA Learning Center.”

The Savings4Members website houses blogs that cover information requested by members. Photo Credit: Savings4Members

Filling Specific Requests

According to a recent survey, ATA members want information on hiring and managing employees. The Savings4Members team offers information on those topics through its webpage. Click here for more details. ATA members can also watch HR webcasts for information from ADP through the ATA’s partnership with Savings4Members. Visit to review these resources.


Take Advantage

Don’t wait. Get greater monthly savings on products and services you need to run your business through Savings4Members. Contact your consultant at (844) 346-3746. Then visit the Savings4Members’s Business Resources page and ADP’s Resource page for more information on marketing, finance and technology.

To learn more about your MyATA service providers, visit their webpage here. You can also visit the webpage by clicking “MyATA Service Providers” from the “Membership” tab at

Your ATA is always working to improve its member benefits. If you have questions or a business need, please contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior membership manager, at Lang can also share business-specific resources, or connect you with a MyATA service provider who can address your business needs or concerns.

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