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Do I Register as Press or a Media Member? What’s the Difference?

Determine whether you’re press or a media member, then register correctly.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Are you in the media business and interested in attending the 2023 ATA Trade Show Jan. 11-13 in Indianapolis? If you answered yes, you’ll need either a press badge or a media sales badge. Not sure which one to get? Fear not. The ATA is here to clear the air and help you navigate the registration process.

Are you simply covering the event, or will you be selling ad space? Photo Credit: ATA

First things first, are you press or a media member?

If you wish to attend the Show to provide event coverage through film, print, radio or digital media, you’re considered press. Press attendees aren’t ATA members. They attend as journalists to cover Show happenings. Press cannot solicit exhibitors.

On the contrary, if you’re a corporation or another legal and lawful entity that intends to sell ad space, or to seek partnerships or sponsorships while at the Show, you must apply for an ATA media membership. These members often help recruit, retain and reactivate archers and bowhunters through blogs, websites, TV shows and other broadcast media.

Once you’ve correctly classified yourself or your business as press or media, skip to the applicable section below to learn how to register to attend the 2023 ATA Trade Show.

If you are there to take photos or record video, you would need a press badge. Photo Credit: ATA

Ok. I’m Press. Now What?

Press registration opens Sept. 27 for #ATA 2023.

All press-badge applications must be verified and approved by ATA staff. See the ATA’s press guidelines and verification procedures here. Submitting the proper verification and proof of work streamlines the application process and helps you get approved to attend the Show quicker.

To streamline your application process, you can submitting proof of your work.

Visit the ATA’s press page and click the link at the top of the page to request a badge and submit your documentation on Sept. 27. Please allow seven business days for your badge request to be verified and approved. Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation and an express pass through the email address you provided. This confirmation includes a hotel access code for reserving rooms in the ATA hotel block.

Press must meet certain criteria if they wish to attend #ATA2023. The ATA will only accept a few documents as valid proof of qualification. In addition, digital media folks, such as bloggers or social influencers applying for a press membership, must have at least 10,000 followers to qualify. Please review the criteria at the bottom of the ATA’s press page carefully before submitting your application and applicable documents.

Please note: The ATA reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet its press-registration criteria.

Press who meet the press registration criteria will be charged $100. Verified press attendees who aren’t ATA members will be charged $150 unless they’re an active member of one of the following groups, in which case the press-badge fee will be waived upon the application’s approval:

  • Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers– Voting members.
  • Hoosier Outdoor Writers– Active members.
  • Outdoor Writers Association of America– Individual active members.
  • Professional Outdoor Media Association – Voting media members.
  • Southeastern Outdoor Press Association– Individual active members.

Registered press gain access to the Show’s press room, which is equipped with copiers, printers, scanners and more to make covering the Show a breeze. The space can also be used to hold meetings, catch up on email, or spend quiet time writing, editing videos and publishing the day’s coverage.

Press cannot register onsite. To cover the Show, press attendees must register by Dec. 16, 2022, at 5 p.m. CST. If you don’t register by Dec. 16, you cannot attend the ATA Trade Show.

Media companies must apply for an ATA media membership. Photo Credit: ATA

Ok. I’m a Media Member. Now What?

Media companies must apply for an ATA media membership to register for media sales badges.

To join the ATA, please create an account and apply for a media membership. Media companies must provide a current business license, proof of publication or production, and other verification documents to meet the membership requirements.

The media sales membership dues cost $600 annually. If you plan to exhibit, you can buy Trade Show badges for your staff at $150 each. Nonexhibiting companies get two free media sales badges and can pay $50 for two additional badges, for a total of four badges per company. Exhibiting media sales members get four free badges per 100 square feet of booth space and can buy additional badges at $150 each.

Please note: The ATA approves or denies memberships based on the verification materials you provide. Please submit all the necessary documents and information with your application.

When granted membership, media companies will receive several ATA-member benefits, including access to members-only support and events, and ongoing access to industry research, demographics and more.

Buyer Day is Jan. 11

ATA-member retailers and exhibitors will have the floor to themselves on Day 1 of the 2023 ATA Trade Show when it opens Jan. 11 in Indianapolis.

The Show floor in the Indiana Convention Center will open to all other Show attendees, including press, the next two days, Jan. 12-13, Thursday and Friday.

This schedule ensures the industry’s buyers and manufacturers can focus their joint efforts on uninterrupted order-writing, business planning, and new-product evaluations the first 9.5 hours of the three-day Show. Please plan accordingly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding membership or press verification, please contact Allison Jasper, ATA’s senior director of marketing and communications, at

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