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Spoiler Alert: What You Can and Can’t Do at the 2023 ATA Trade Show

The ATA Show is next week! Review these 13 rules to ensure you’re ready to go when you arrive in Indy.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The 2023 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis Jan. 11-13 is almost here, and you might be wondering what’s allowed and what’s not. ATA staff get lots of questions at this time, so here’s a list of 13 things you can and can’t do at the Show. Keep these rules in mind as you take on #ATA2023.


Can’t Attend the Trade Show Unless You’re an ATA Member

The ATA Show is a B2B or “business-to-business” event. Because the ATA Show is B2B, only ATA members can attend, and all ATA members must have a business that focuses on archery and bowhunting. The Show is closed to the public. If you want to go to the Show, you must join the ATA or renew your ATA membership before trying to register a Trade Show badge. Remember, ATA member first; Trade Show badge second.

After you have an active ATA membership, you can preregister now to attend the Show. Log in to your MyATA member dashboard using your username and password. Then, click “Register and Book Hotels” and follow the prompts. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a QR code, which allows you to print your badge at an express pass kiosk at the Show.

Attendees can print their badges at the express pass stations. Photo Credit: ATA

Can Print Badges On-site

After arriving in Indianapolis, one of the first things you should do is print your Trade Show badge. If you preregistered, bring the QR code sent in your registration confirmation email to one of two express pass locations: the Wabash-West Lobby outside Rooms 120 and 121 or outside Exhibit Hall I in the Hoosier Lobby, to obtain your badge. If you didn’t preregister, head to Main Registration, where an ATA staff member can help you register and get a badge.


Can Register On-site

Past ATA members can renew their membership and register on-site, but there is an additional charge of $25 per badge when registering on-site. Head to Main Registration to get settled. Nonmembers hoping to join the ATA and register for the Show must bring the required new member verification documents to Main Registration for review. If accepted, ATA staff can help you register for the Show. ATA reserves the right to change or deny your membership category based on the verification documents provided. Click here for more information about an ATA membership.


Can Register for the Archery Industry Masterclass On-site

The Archery Industry Masterclass is Tuesday, Jan. 10, the day before the Show opens. You must register to attend, but if you’re in Indianapolis a day early with nothing to do, you can register on-site to participate. The Masterclass is $100 for members and provides top-notch business, marketing, coaching and archery tech education. Click here to learn more.


Can’t Enter the Show Floor Without a Badge

Everyone entering the ATA Show must have a Trade Show badge. Because only ATA members can obtain Trade Show badges, you can rest assured everyone on the ATA Trade Show floor is a verified ATA member. Always wear your badge, especially while on the Show floor. Security staff will escort anyone without a badge off the floor.


Can Rent a Mobility Scooter On-site

Scooter Time Rentals will provide electric scooters at the Indiana Convention Center for the ATA Show. Preregister for your power scooter now or sign up on-site.

Attendees will need their badge to access the Show floor. The first day of the Show, only attendees with red and yellow badges, shown above, will be allowed access. Photo Credit: ATA

Can’t Walk the Show Floor on Buyer Day Unless You Have a Buyer or Exhibitor Badge

Buyer Day is Jan. 11, the first day of the Show. It restricts the Show floor to verified buyers and exhibitors (red and yellow badges). The ATA created Buyer Day to ensure buyers and manufacturers can focus on order writing, business planning and new-product evaluations during the three-day Show’s first nine and a half hours. All verified Show attendees can hit the Show floor the next two days, Jan. 12-13.


Can Use Your Show Badge to Attend Events

Trade Show badges are your all-access pass, allowing you to walk the Show floor, attend educational opportunities and participate in evening events like The Connections Celebration, presented by Mossy Oak, on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 6 p.m. in the Sagamore Ballroom. Please wear your badge at all times.


Can Attend Seminars and Coffee Talks for Free

Tap into expert knowledge when you attend the ATA’s free educational opportunities, including 10 seminars and 12 Coffee Talks. Showgoers can attend Coffee Talks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the MyATA Area during the day. Seminars take place Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. in Rooms 133-137. View the education lineup to explore the presentation topics and add them to your schedule.

Attendees can use the member lounge for meetings and other business. Photo Credit: ATA

Can Schedule 1:1 Meetings in Member Lounge

All ATA Show attendees can use the member lounge (Room 139) as a second space to take calls and hold small meetings or gatherings. This space will be set with tables and chairs and is open the same hours as the Show floor. Connect with exhibitors, peers and ATA staff for individual appointments.


Can’t Drink Alcohol on the Show Floor

The ATA has multiple food courts on the Show floor so you don’t have to leave to satisfy your hunger. However, you are free to eat where you choose. Just know you can’t bring alcohol on the Show floor. Water, soda, coffee and other beverages and food are permitted. In fact, you can get free coffee at the ATA’s Coffee Talks in the MyATA Area.


Can Use the 2023 ATA Mobile App to View the Schedule, Floor Plan and Booth Events

The 2023 ATA Trade Show mobile app is packed with features that help you maximize your time at the Show. Use the app to view the events schedule, browse the education schedule, get live notifications for Show happenings, and find exhibitors on the ATA’s interactive floor map. The app also lists all exhibitor booth events. To download the official 2023 ATA Trade Show mobile app, search for “ATA 2023” in your app store.


Can Get a BOGO BU Membership as a Show Special

Visit the Bowhunters United Booth in the MyATA Area (Exhibit Hall F) to join Bowhunters United for $30 and gift a free membership to a friend or family member. You and your plus-one will also get a free hat. Bowhunters United protects and defends bowhunters’ rights while simultaneously ensuring ATA members have a steady, well-informed customer base. BU is the premier bowhunting organization in America today and represents all bowhunters, regardless of why, how, when or where they participate.


Contact the ATA

Please note: This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if you have questions regarding what you can and can’t do at the Show, please contact the ATA business, membership and Trade Show office at (507) 233-8130 or, or visit Main Registration at the Show for assistance.

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