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Study Your ATA 2021 Online Checklist

Set yourself up for a productive ATA 2021 Online Show by doing eight things now.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The past year has been tough for many ATA businesses, but attending ATA 2021 Online for free will be easy. All you need is an ATA membership and your MyATA dashboard username and password.

If your membership isn’t current, please renew it through your MyATA dashboard. Click here to learn how. Then use this checklist to prepare for the online Show, which is Jan. 11-15, in your MyATA dashboard.


Log into Your MyATA Member Dashboard

Your MyATA dashboard is the platform for all-things ATA 2021 Online. That’s where you’ll browse exhibitor profiles, buy ATA merchandise, and capitalize on Show specials. It’s also where you’ll navigate to the MyATA Learning Center to watch video courses and register for the Archery Industry Masterclass.

It’s vital that you know how to enter and navigate your MyATA dashboard, which will look slightly different during the online Show. This video by the ATA’s Kurt Smith and Wendy Lang teaches you how to log into your MyATA dashboard, navigate the platform, and register for the Masterclass. Then, test-drive the platform. Click here to log in and explore.


Clear Your Schedule for the Show

ATA 2021 Online offers a lot. Make arrangements at your shop so you can attend the virtual Show. Will you change your store hours or schedule employees to work the counter in your absence? Make yourself available to connect with exhibitors, attend virtual educational sessions, and engage with ATA 2021 Online.

Check your internet connection to ensure you can tune into ATA’s educational opportunities. Webinar Ninja recommends at least 3 megabytes/second of upload speed to join and watch webinars. The faster your connection, the better. Wired connections are more stable, but if you must connect by Wi-Fi get close to your router to reduce interruptions. If you lack reliable internet service, visit a library or friend’s house.


Download the 2021 ATA Show Mobile App

Use the 2021 Trade Show mobile app to view Show specials, receive notifications, “star” favorite exhibitors, browse the education schedule, and interact with exhibitors. To download the mobile app, search for “2021 ATA” in your app store. Click “allow” to receive notifications.

After downloading the app, enter a drawing to win 12 Victory Archery VAP SS 350 V1 arrows ($221 value) and a Scent Crusher gear bag ($199 value). Click the “Enter to Win” button on the home screen to add your contact information.


Sign Up for the Archery Industry Masterclass

The Archery Industry Masterclass showcases four topics:

– Business: Learn how to improve profitability, establish your core business culture, and deliver excellent customer service.
– Coaching: Learn how to help archers overcome target panic and control their shot.
– Marketing: Discover how to use social media effectively and create a solid marketing strategy.
– Archery tech: Understand the foundational concepts of setting up and working on crossbows, compounds, and Olympic-style recurves and barebows.

The Masterclass features nine hour-long online classes and costs $79 for ATA members and $500 for nonmembers. Participants will have access to live and recorded sessions, and supplemental worksheets and checklists. Participants can ask questions or make comments during the courses by using the presentations’ discussion feature.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from experts about business, coaching, marketing and archery tech. This short video by ATA’s Wendy Lang shows you how to register. Then click here to register for the Masterclass through the MyATA Learning Center. You’ll need to log in using your MyATA member dashboard credentials.


Preview Exhibitors’ Show Specials Jan. 11-12

The online ATA Show will feature 447 exhibitors and almost 700 Show specials. Most exhibitors will offer at least two exclusive ATA 2021 Online specials. Some exhibitors upgraded their profile to promote more specials, and include videos, press releases, and product showcases.

Exhibitor profiles can be viewed through the MyATA dashboard Jan. 11-12. All ATA retailers with active memberships as of Dec. 20 will receive a hard-copy Exhibitor Show Special Guide by mail in early January. The guide lists exhibitor Show specials, but members must visit the dashboard for details about each special.

View the Show specials to help you plan for Jan. 13-15, when the specials are live.

Review the above document for a breakdown on which education sessions would be suitable for which staff members. Photo credit: ATA

Review Educational Opportunities

Your ATA will host 10 free live educational sessions and nine free prerecorded educational sessions Jan. 13-15. The live courses will be recorded, but those recordings won’t be available until spring. The courses will teach how to engage female hunters and use point-of-sale systems; and explain how excise-tax revenues improve habitat and manage wildlife populations. The sessions will also teach participants how to grow their Instagram presence, and help customers build more accurate arrows. Yet another class helps manufacturers avoid product-liability problems. Tune in to learn those and other business-building ideas.

Encourage or assign your staff to attend the virtual educational sessions, especially those that align with their roles. Your bow tech will benefit from the “Recurve & Barebow Tuning Tactics” on Jan. 14 at 1 p.m. CST, and your marketing or salesperson should attend the “Instagram Growth in 5 Steps” presentation Jan. 15 at 1 p.m. CST. Remind them to take notes so you can discuss the information later. Consider holding a post-Show meeting to share tips and information.

In addition, these three presentations target manufacturers:

– Jan. 13, 1 p.m. CST: California Prop 65 – What is it, What it Means & Why You Should Care
– Jan. 14, 10 a.m. CST: Marketing Tactics for Success in 2021
– Jan. 14, 10 a.m. CST: Avoid the Attorneys: Tips for Managing Legal Issues in Product Safety, Compliance and Liability

Click here to view all educational topics and descriptions.


Watch the Show’s Welcome Video

Matt Kormann, ATA’s president/CEO, will kick off the virtual Show on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 8:30 a.m. CST with a “State of the Industry Welcome” video. The ATA’s leadership staff and Board of Director members will also address ATA members. Tune in to learn about outreach efforts, communication initiatives, and government-relations news. Viewers will also receive tips for participating in the Show from Maria Lewis, ATA’s senior director of Trade Show and membership.


Set Your Jan. 11-15 Plan

Be sure to create a schedule that includes everything you want to attend, and when you plan to call or connect with exhibitors. Also make a checklist to help you accomplish everything. Remember to view Show specials Jan. 11-12 in your dashboard and on the mobile app. You can contact exhibitors Jan. 13-15 for Show specials. And don’t forget the Archery Industry Masterclass is Jan. 11-12, and the free educational sessions are Jan. 13-15.

If you have questions, please contact the ATA Trade Show and membership office at (866) 266-2776 or

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