ATA Trade Show Exhibitor FAQ

Do I have to be a member?

Yes! The ATA Trade Show is a members-only event that’s closed to the public. This exclusionary rule helps industry members focus on networking, business transactions, and growing the industry while at the Show. To join the ATA and exhibit at the Show, click here to join today. Be sure to provide verification documents that meet our membership requirements. The ATA approves or denies memberships based on the verification materials you provide. Please submit all the necessary documents and information with your application.

What’s the difference between Innovation Zone and Featured Products?

The Innovation Zone is a table top display area for new manufacturers or those new to the industry. Only basic manufacturers may exhibit in the Innovation Zone. Featured Products is a sponsorship opportunity where you can showcase your latest product. Any exhibitor (Innovation Zone or show floor) can purchase a spot in Featured Products.

How many badges do I get?

Exhibitors get complimentary badges based on their booth size. Booths 100 to 1,000 square feet receive four free badges per 100 square feet, and two per shooting lane. Booths larger than 1,000 square feet receive four free badges per 100 square feet for the first 100 square feet, and then one free badge for each additional 100 square feet, and two per shooting lane. Manufacturer exhibitors can buy unlimited numbers of additional badges for $150 each. Innovation Zone exhibitors receive two free badges and have the option to purchase two additional at $150 each.

Why do I need an Exhibitor Badge?

All exhibitors and attendees must have a badge and wear it at all times you are on the Show floor. Exhibitor badges allow you to access the Show floor on set up days, before and after the Show floor closes each day and loading dock areas. Your badge is color coded and tells ATA staff, security and attendees you represent an exhibiting company.

Getting your booth supplies to the Show and set-up process

Shipping your booth to Show.

If you ship your booth to the advance warehouse or direct to Show, the ATA Trade Show’s general contractor will deliver your shipment to your booth. The general contractor will charge a material handling fee. You can view these fees in the Exhibitor Toolkit under material handling. Your shipment will be at your booth location when you arrive on the first day of move-in.

Driving your booth direct to Show with a personal vehicle.

All vehicles must first go to the Marshaling Yard to check in and get in line. The Marshalling Yard guard will release vehicles to the loading docks to unload as docks are available.

I can hand carry my booth materials to my booth.

If you can hand carry your booth items to your booth you can carry through the Convention Center's pedestrian doors to your booth in the exhibit hall. You CANNOT use a dolly or any type of cart to bring items through the pedestrian doors. If you are not able to hand carry your items in you must go to the Marshaling Yard and unload at the docks.

Where can I park my truck and trailer?

You can park your truck and trailer at the Marshaling Yard after you unload. Please check the Exhibitor Toolkit to view pricing.

What is the max height my booth can go?

The ATA Show follows the cubic content rule. Exhibitors with 300 square feet or less can go up to 12’ high. Exhibitors with 400 square feet or more can go up to 25’ high. View Complete display regulations in the ATA Show Exhibitor Display Regulations.

What is the booth selection process? This will be my first year.

Do you have your membership application submitted? If yes, wait 2-3 business days to receive response.

I received a response, my membership application was accepted!

Great! Take a look at the floor plan. All blue spaces are still available. Decide on your top three choices. Once you have your top choices, call Becky to give her your booth selection. While you’re on the phone with her, she will process your full membership dues and a 20% down payment on your booth (full payment on booth if in IZ). She will then provide you with instructions on accepting the terms and conditions. Once you accept the terms and conditions, the booth is yours. Please remember that the remaining booth space fees are due in full by Sept. 1.

Done. Anything I need to do before Sept. 1?

Submit your General Liability Insurance Certificate. All exhibitors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance to the ATA on or before Sept. 1. Review the Exhibitor Toolkit. This will go over everything you need to know about display regulations, who to contact for specific services, etc. Speaking of services, if you have any needs for electric, rigging, carpet, etc., get it done as soon as possible to take advantage of the discounted rate if ordered by the advanced order date. Another thing to consider is sponsorships. There are a number of different sponsorships at various price points we offer and are a great way to reach retailers and market your product/company.

How much does booth space cost?

Booth space for “regular” manufacturer and distributor ATA members is $20 per square foot. Booth space for media and supporting members is $22 per square foot. Shooting lanes cost $1,500 each. Please note: We do not offer a quantity price break on booth space. For example, whether you buy a booth that’s 10 feet by 10 feet or one that’s 50 by 50, you pay $20 per square foot if you are a manufacturer or distributor member.

How can I let retailers know I’ll be at the show?

One of the perks of being a member of the ATA is that you have access to the complete ATA Membership Directory. This is included with your membership and there is no additional fee. To download an ATA member list, log in to your MyATA Login and go to Membership Directory on the MyATA Member Dashboard page.

Innovation Zone

What is it?

The Innovation Zone was created for young, innovative companies and entrepreneurs. It’s where dreams get noticed.

Is this a good area?

The Innovation Zone provides new manufacturers a high-profile place to display their innovative hunting products on the ATA Trade Show floor.

How to get a booth in this area?

If you meet the basic manufacturer requirements you are able to exhibit in the Innovation Zone. Click here to Join ATA today. Once approved, you will be able to purchase a space in the IZ.


Innovation Zone spaces are $1,000 and basic manufacturer membership dues are $110.

How is my booth set up?

Each IZ space is 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep. Your backdrop will be an 8-foot-high pipe and drape and your two side walls will be 3-foot-high pipe and drape. We will provide a 6-foot skirted table and two chairs in your booth. You are required to keep the table and chairs in your booth. The IZ is intended to be a table top display area.

Tips on setting up booth display

Good signage, display your product, video or slideshow demonstrating your product is a plus, don’t forget to bring LOTS of business cards.