ATA 2021 Online Exhibitor FAQ

When will ATA 2021 Online take place?

Jan. 11-15, 2021

Jan. 11-12: Archery Industry Masterclass, Exhibitor Profile Previewing
Jan. 13-15: Exhibitor Profiles Live, Exhibitor Events & Education Sessions

Who can participate?

All current ATA members can participate in ATA 2021 Online. Not a member? Click here to join now.

What is the cost to participate as an exhibitor?

Current ATA members who opt in to exhibit will be given an online basic exhibitor profile at no charge. Exhibitor profiles will be shown on the 2021 ATA Trade Show Mobile App and online floorplan. By opting in, exhibitors agree to offer and enter two ATA Online Show Specials that will be valid for ATA retail members during the three exhibitor days of the Show. Show Specials must be submitted no later than December 1.

How will my preference points be affected by my participation in ATA 2021 Online?

Exhibitors will need to have paid 2020-2021 membership dues and participate in ATA 2021 Online with two Show Specials to maintain their existing preference points.

NOTE: Exhibitors who opt out of ATA 2021 Online or do not submit their two Show Specials by December 1, 2020, will be considered a non-exhibitor and will loose half of their preference points moving forward.

When is the deadline to submit my 2 Show Specials?

Show Specials must be submitted by December 1, 2020.

When is the deadline to complete my exhibitor profile?

Exhibitors will have access to the Exhibitor Service Center through Jan. 8, 2021, to complete their exhibitor profile.

Can you give an example of a Show Special?

View details on Show Specials here.

Can I upgrade my profile?

Yes, exhibitors have the option to upgrade their free, basic profile listing, and purchase add-on items and sponsorships. Upgrading your listing will allow you to include product images, videos and press releases to your profile.

View the upgrade options here.

View the Sponsorship Guide here.

Can I host an Exhibitor Event during ATA 2021 Online?

Yes, exhibitors will have the opportunity to share a half-hour promotional video or live event that will air in between educational sessions. Space is limited, so secure your spot now to introduce a new product, share a testimonial or give a demonstration. Contact Jill Schaben at for additional information.

Will I need to have someone available during Show hours?

Every exhibitor profile will include a "Contact Exhibitor" option for the attendee to email the exhibitor. The email addresses are not visible to the attendee. The exhibitor determines what email is used.

ATA 2021 Online will not facilitate any other matchmaking or appointment setting, or include an order writing portal. Exhibitors will not need to be available online for any specific Show hours, but we do ask that you have someone monitoring and responding to emails and calls generated through visits to your exhibitor profile from Jan. 11-15, with a focus on Jan. 13-15.

When will my exhibitor content be available for online viewing?

ATA members will be able to view your complete exhibitor profile starting Monday, Jan. 11.