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Win $5,000 at #ATA2020!

Take advantage of Buyer Day. Write $5,000 in orders to qualify for the ATA’s Big Buck Tags $5,000 giveaway.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

What would you do with $5,000? You could advertise to reach new customers, upgrade your business’s website, buy products at #ATA2020, create an in-store contest or promotion, or pay for your #ATA2020 travel expenses. The options don’t end there. And get this: The ATA is also giving you the chance to win $5,000 to spend however you want.

Learn how to enter that exclusive drawing, and discover another awesome giveaway below. Then read the ATA’s tips for more saving and scoring Jan. 9-11 at the 2020 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis.

We'll be hosting a big giveaway based on order writing and Big Buck Tags to encourage order writing on Day 1 of the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

$5,000 Big Buck Tags Giveaway

The ATA will give away $5,000 daily at the Show for a total of $15,000. Retailers who place $5,000 in orders at the Show can fill out the first coupon in their Big Buck Tags book, and drop it off in the MyATA Area for a chance to win $5,000. This new giveaway and raffle is the ATA’s way of thanking attendees for doing business on the Show floor.

Once retailers submit their coupon, they’ll be eligible to win throughout the Show. For example, retailers who place $5,000 in orders on Day 1 get three chances to win. Winners will be drawn in the MyATA Area at 5 p.m. on Day 1 and 2, and 3 p.m. on Day 3. Retailers do not have to be in the MyATA Area at the time of the drawing, but must be present at the Show to win. Winners must provide proof of written orders.


$1,000 ScentLok Giveaway

ScentLok will give $1,000 cash to a lucky winner each day of the Show. Only retailers who place $1,000 in orders with Nexus Outdoors companies – which includes ScentLok, Blocker Outdoors and others – can enter.

Retailers who meet the requirements can fill out the second coupon in their Big Buck Tags book and drop if off in the MyATA Area. Winners will be drawn after the ATA’s $5,000 giveaway drawing. Retailers do not have to be in the MyATA Area at the time of the drawing, but must be present at the Show to win. Winners must provide proof of written orders.

Fill Big Buck Tags for both the ATA and ScentLok giveaways to increase your chances of winning. Photo Credit: ATA

Increase Your Chances

The ATA and ScentLok will give away a combined $18,000. To increase your chances, complete all your orders and turn in both Big Buck Tags coupons to the MyATA Area by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 9. In other words, if you write $1,000 worth of Nexus Outdoors orders and $5,000 worth of total Show orders, and turn in your BBT coupons on Thursday, you’ll be entered in all six cash drawings. Your coupons remain in the drawings until the Show’s over, which gives you several chances to win!


Capitalize on Buyer Day

By writing as many orders as you can on Buyer Day, which is Day 1 of the Show, you’ll also avoid more booth traffic. Buyer Day is restricted to those with yellow buyer badges or red exhibitor badges. No one else can enter the exhibit hall. This change ensures buyers and manufacturers concentrate on business without interruptions from other member groups. Click here to read more about Buyer Day.

Our Trade Show app houses a separate giveaway. Enter to win directly from the app. Photo Credit: ATA

Use the ATA’s Mobile App

Save money and score big with the ATA’s 2020 Trade Show mobile app. You’ll see two new tabs, “Save” and “Enter to Win,” on the app. The “Save” tab lists all exhibitors and special offers in the Big Buck Tag Coupon Book. The “Enter to Win” tab lets everyone who downloads the app to enter a drawing for a Suunto Alpha Traverse watch! Click here to learn about the app’s other features. The app keeps you organized and informed throughout the Show. Plan your ultimate Trade Show experience today.

Download the app now through iTunes (iPhone app), Google Play (Android app) and ChirpE (Mobile Web).


Attend “Connections: An ATA Happy Hour”

The ATA’s new event, “Connections: An ATA Happy Hour” is Thursday, Jan. 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. in Exhibit Hall J.

You can watch and interact with elite and celebrity shooters. Attendees can also network with retailers, manufacturers, ATA staff, and like-minded business professionals over free beer, food, games and entertainment. It’s a great way to wind down and enjoy your evening.

All registered Trade Show attendees are welcome. No ticket or registration is necessary. Simply show up at Exhibit Hall J with your Trade Show badge to enter.

Questions? Contact the ATA Trade Show, business and membership office toll-free at (866) 266-2776, option 2, for help.

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