How to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Check out the ATA’s latest video course, and then launch a Facebook video campaign to attract customers.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA’s new four-part video series teaches ATA members how to run their own archery and bowhunting advertising campaigns on Facebook to attract customers.

“How to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign” is a step-by-step guide that’s available at the MyATA Learning Center. It features ads based on the ATA’s “The Thrill is Nocking” campaign. ATA members can use any video ad they want. The instructions are the same.

“The Thrill is Nocking” campaign featured five unskippable ads on digital, video and radio platforms nationwide Aug. 1 to Oct. 31. The ads received over 42 million impressions. Each ad generated interest in archery — recreational, target or bowhunting — and inspired viewers to visit an archery shop to redeem a coupon for a free hour on the range.

Statistics found that the ATA campaign performed well when businesses ran it on their own pages. Photo Credit: ATA

The nationwide campaign generated interest in archery, but ATA members will likely have even more success if they run it on their own social media. In fact, one ATA-member retailer from Montgomery, Illinois, used the ads to recruit 519 new customers in three months. The nationwide and individual case studies prove the campaign’s message and creative assets persuade newcomers to try archery and bowhunting.

The ATA created the video course to help its member retailers engage their communities and turn nonarchers into archers. Step-by-step lessons teach retailers how to upload videos, prepare their shop for new customers, and welcome newcomers to archery sports. The course includes supplemental materials like customizable flyers, a shop-cleaning checklist, and new-customer tracking spreadsheets.

Let’s review what you’ll learn.

Monitor your ad's performance. Photo Credit: ATA

– Part 1 helps retailers determine their campaign’s goal. Are you focused on growing bowhunting, target archery or recreational archery? Do you want customers to engage with your business online or visit your brick-and-mortar store in person? Retailers will decide how much to spend, whether to offer range coupons, and who will create and manage their digital assets and channels.

– Part 2 explains how to prepare your shop and business for an influx of new customers. How should you analyze your store, website, and customer communications? Which improvements can you make to ensure new customers feel welcome, informed and appreciated as they begin their archery journeys?

– Part 3a discusses the benefits of social media, and demonstrates how to post Facebook ads. Retailers will learn how to update their business information on Facebook, and create engaging content that entertains and intrigues followers while updating them with archery and business news.

Use specific keywords in your post to ensure the post is not flagged. Photo Credit: ATA

– Part 3b discusses Facebook’s weapons policy, and teaches retailers how to strategically write ads and choose images to ensure Facebook approves the content. This video also reviews how to connect with a Facebook representative for help through chat support.

– Part 4 focuses on making newcomers feel welcome in your shop. It explains how to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for all customers, regardless of their age, sex, race or social status. Retailers will also learn about beginner-friendly equipment, next-step programs, and community partnerships.

Facebook advertising is cost-effective, and often generates quick results by helping businesses reach wide audiences. It’s also easy to use and understand, especially with ATA’s comprehensive “How to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign” video course.

Ready to start your own Facebook ad campaign? Log into your MyATA member dashboard, click “MyATA Learning Center,” and then click “How to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign.” Watch each section and take notes. The course is available free to ATA members anytime, anywhere, so you can rewatch videos once you start.

Questions? Contact Allison Jasper, ATA’s senior director of marketing and communications, at (866) 266-2776, ext. 118, or

Please note: The campaign’s effectiveness might vary based on your location, community size, and marketing efforts.

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