Maintain Business Success with the Three Cs

Use collaboration, communication and commitment to set your business up for sustainability and long-term success.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

When you started your business, you were probably told to focus on the three Cs: company, customers and competitors. You had to create a company that recognized customers have wants and needs. Next you had to understand how to satisfy those desires, so you designed your company to offer products, service and expectations that differed from competitors. In doing so, you formed your business. But how do you successfully maintain it? You focus on three additional Cs: collaboration, communication and commitment.

While the first set of Cs helped you establish your brand and finalize a business plan, the second set of Cs continually positions your business for sustainability and long-term success. Let’s break down how your archery business can hone in on and conquer each of the additional “Cs.”


As a business owner, it’s impossible to do it all on your own without running yourself into the ground. To be successful, you need to collaborate with partners and supporters.

Fortunately, everyone in the archery and bowhunting industry is working toward the same goals. They want to introduce others to archery and increase participation numbers. That makes connecting and collaborating with clubs, teams, schools, state agencies, park-and-recreation departments and local outdoor group chapters easy. You can pool your ideas, funds, resources and time to accomplish more together. Partnerships with like-minded organizations and community groups help you achieve your goals quicker than you would on a solo mission. You can join forces on things such as co-marketing efforts, mentoring new hunters, creating educational videos, or hosting tournaments or events. Read the following ATA articles for partnership and collaboration tips and advice:

1. Retailers: Embrace the Power of Partnerships

2. How to Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Within Your Community

Your business should also collaborate with people and companies who can support and help keep your business on track. The ATA’s supporting members, aka MyATA service providers, are ATA-vetted companies that offer discounts and expert assistance. These organizations include buying groups, advertising agencies, printing and production companies, as well as law firms, insurance groups, accounting firms, computer and software companies, and others. All ATA members can work with these organizations on issues like insurance, bookkeeping, brand protection, federal excise taxes, supply-chain strategies, and product risk and liability. Click here to review your MyATA service providers and learn how they can help.

Communicate with your customers both in-person and digitally. Photo Credit: ATA


Effectively communicating with your peers, partners, supporters, employees and customers is vital to business success and longevity. Communicate regularly in-person, and digitally through emails, your website, and your social media accounts. Maintaining contact ensures everyone stays up to date on sales, project deadlines, business happenings and more.

Having an open line of communication with customers makes them feel acknowledged and important. It also helps keep them informed and educated. Their time is important and their attention span is limited, so strive to make the most of each message you communicate. Always be strategic and thoughtful with your approach. Read ATA’s article “5 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Customers” for more in-depth information. You should also hold regular meetings with your employees and business partners or supporters to get feedback and share relevant information.

Communicating with other ATA members can help you find ways to improve customer service, troubleshoot product issues, identify business best practices, and obtain and spread new ideas. ATA members can use the ATA’s free membership directory to find contact information for industry peers and partners. To view the directory, members must electronically “sign” a confidentiality agreement. Then, they can search for members by name, category, membership type or other filters. The dynamic directory helps members form and foster business relationships. Click here to learn how to view the membership directory.

Don’t forget to tune into the ATA’s communication efforts to stay in the know regarding relevant and helpful industry news, information and business tips. Click here to learn about the different ways you can receive the ATA’s communications.

Take the necessary steps to build your business. Photo Credit: ATA


There’s no half in, half out when it comes to business; you must be all in. Commit yourself to establishing collaborations and ensuring communications. Then, commit to learning, growing and improving your business. You probably know it takes dedication and sacrifices to run a successful business, but are you committed to doing what needs to be done? Once you understand that mindset and devote yourself to the business, you can confidently make difficult decisions that ensure your brand’s health and well-being. Remember to align yourself and your brand with others who will equally commit to your company’s success.

Final Thoughts

A lot of good C words can help you improve and sustain your business including concentration, cooperation, consistency and creativity, but collaboration, communication and commitment are the most important. Keep them top of mind every day you enter your workplace, and you’ll continue to have a workplace to enter.

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