Marketing Tips from Your MyATA Service Providers

Improve your marketing strategy with these tips.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Market your business, products and programs to ensure customers know who you are and what you offer. Use these tips by your MyATA service providers to improve your marketing plan in 2021.

MyATA service providers are ATA-vetted companies that offer expert support and discounts on their services for ATA members. They participate in the program to show industry support, help ATA members succeed, and grow archery and bowhunting.

These companies help ATA members understand and navigate issues with insurance, bookkeeping, brand protection, federal excise taxes, supply-chain strategies, and product risk and liabilities. As an ATA member, you have access to these companies but also to four digital marketing agencies that can help you improve your website, advertise your brand and fine-tune your social media marketing strategies.

Here are four tips from those marketing-agency partners.

Watch Shine United's Masterclass from ATA 2021 Online. Photo Credit: ATA

Do Fewer Things But Do Them Right, by Shine United

Chris Sprangers, Shine United’s director of outdoor brands, said: “In challenging times like these, it can be tempting to split your limited marketing resources to try a range of new things. This is especially true for brands that are either new to the digital space or recommitting to how they grow their business through digital marketing. It often seems like there are more tactics and strategies to test and try than you have the budget to fund. Instead of trying to do everything, prioritize and ensure you’re allocating enough funds to each channel and tactic to meet the minimum investment threshold for success.”

Sprangers presented a manufacturer-geared ATA 2021 Online seminar called “Marketing Tactics for Success in 2021.” Click here to read key takeaways. To work with Shine United, contact Sprangers at (608) 442-7373 or


Go Digital in 2021, by Jackson Marketing

David Jones, Jackson Marketing’s chief marketing officer, said COVID-19 created the perfect storm for digital marketing in 2020 because companies canceled events and people spent more time at home. As a result, media consumption spiked. In 2021, brands must think about digital marketing first, in both consumer and business-to-business marketing.

“Look at your website,” Jones said. “Is the content fresh and the technology optimized? Are you reaching your target audiences with digital ads, online content and social media? And what about personal interaction and events? COVID is probably here for the rest of the year, so how are you using video and digital events to replace in-person contact? While your competitors are waiting for things to return to normal, why not take advantage of the shifting landscape to grow your customer base and position your business for future growth?”

To work with Jackson Marketing, please contact Todd Steen, bowhunting enthusiast and Jackson Marketing’s executive director of business development, at (864) 272-3179 or

Improving customer relationships is the best marketing tactic you can take. Photo Credit: Rubline Marketing

Invest in Relationship Marketing, by RubLine Marketing

Chase Rohlfsen, president of RubLine Marketing, said businesses need to focus on improving their customer relationships.

COVID-19 caused people to buy online, but Rohlfsen believes people will want to get out and shop in person when the pandemic breaks. “Because of COVID, retailers have a second chance to make a good first impression,” he said. “If you’re a retailer, you have to create a good shopping experience for the customer. Think about the customer’s experience when they walk through your door. Is it welcoming, pleasant and inviting? You need to nod and smile at customers, acknowledge them and interact with them and their friends and family if you want them to come back. Everyone in your store must build a good relationship with your customers.”

Likewise, manufacturers must understand their target audience so they can use their marketing materials to speak to consumers appropriately. “A great product doesn’t mean it’ll be well received,” he said. “Know who you cater to and interact with them better.”

Rohlfsen participated in the Archery Industry Masterclass during ATA 2021 Online. His presentation, “Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy,” is still available. Click here to register to gain access to the content now. To work with RubLine Marketing, send your inquiry to

Make sure your presence on Google is as strong as your website. Photo Credit: VIV

Be Proactive Online, by Approval Payment Solutions/VIV

Jordan Huneycutt, AP Solutions’ senior business development executive, said ATA members must be active on social media and ask customers to give five-star reviews.

“Social media is the best way to get in front of new potential customers, and Google is the best way to win over (new) potential customers,” Huneycutt said. “When people like, comment on or share your posts, your business can potentially get in front of a new audience, and it can bring more traffic to your page and your website. Also, you can improve your rankings in searches, as well as convert more online visitors to customers, by having a ton of positive reviews and feedback!”

Huneycutt recommends posting three to five times per week on social media (Facebook and Instagram) using fun, light-hearted content mixed with sales and promotions. Use the ATA’s social media calendar for content suggestions. He also said to ask customers to leave a five-star review on Facebook, Yelp or Google. Then, be sure to respond on the platform to thank them for their review.

To work with AP Solutions/VIV, please contact Huneycutt at (888) 311-7248, ext. 8003, or


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