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Press Registration for #ATA2022: Registration FAQs and More

Learn how to apply for a press badge and get verified to attend the 2022 ATA Trade Show.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

Do you share outdoor stories through print, radio, television, podcasts or other avenues? Do you want to grow your following, promote archery and bowhunting, and educate consumers about new trends or products? If your answers were yes, yes and yes, then apply for a press badge to attend the 2022 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, Jan. 7-9.

The ATA Trade Show is a members-only event that gives industry professionals a look at new products and the latest archery and bowhunting trends. It’s the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and most inclusive Show, gathering around 10,000 industry members annually. The Show is a B2B or “business-to-business” event, meaning only ATA members can attend. However, the press play an important role in conveying information to consumers, so we want you there and so do our members!

Fortunately, press registration opens Sept. 21 so you can register today! Here’s how:

1. Visit the ATA’s press page at
2. Click the “Register Here” button.
3. Complete the form and submit all necessary press documentation.
4. Allow seven business days for your badge request to be verified and approved.
5. Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation and express pass via email.
6. Use the hotel access code in the confirmation email to book your room in the ATA hotel block.

Please note: There is no on-site registration. To cover the Show, you must register by Dec. 17, 2021, at 5 p.m. CST. If you do not register by Dec. 17, you cannot attend the ATA Trade Show.

Need more information? Check out these FAQs.

Visit the press page for more information on press requirements. Photo Credit: ATA

What’s the difference between press and media?

If you wish to attend the Show to provide event coverage through film, print, radio or digital media, you’re considered press. Press attendees aren’t ATA members. They attend as journalists to cover Show happenings. Press cannot solicit exhibitors. Attendees who wear a press badge and solicit exhibitors will be removed and banned from the 2022 ATA Trade Show.

On the contrary, if you’re a corporation or another legal and lawful entity that intends to sell ad space, or to seek partnerships or sponsorships while at the Show, you must apply for an ATA media membership to register for a media sales badge. Media members often help recruit, retain and reactivate archers and bowhunters through blogs, websites, TV shows and other broadcast media.

To join the ATA as a media member, please visit the ATA’s membership page and click “Become a Media Member” near the bottom. You must create an account to complete and submit your application. Media companies must provide a current business license, proof of publication or production, and other verification documents to meet the membership requirements.

How much does a press badge cost?

Verified press attendees who are not ATA members will be charged $150. ATA media members whose representatives attend as press will be charged $100 per badge.

Active members of these groups will have the press-badge fee waived upon the application’s approval:

  • Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers – Active members
  • Hoosier Outdoor Writers – Active members
  • Outdoor Writers Association of America – Individual active members
  • Professional Outdoor Media Association – Voting media members
  • Southeastern Outdoor Press Association – Individual active members

What qualifies as “valid documentation” during the badge application process?

All press registering to attend the Show must be verified as a working journalist by providing digital samples of media clips (writing, video, audio, online publications, etc.) or by providing documentation such as a press card. One of six criteria must be met to qualify for a press badge at the 2022 Show. Please review the criteria carefully before submitting your application and applicable documents. The requirements are outlined on the ATA’s press page under “Valid Press Documentation.”

If you attended the 2020 or 2021 Show as verified press, you don’t have to be verified again. You can fly through registration without resubmitting proof of your work.

The ATA approves or denies memberships based on the verification materials you provide and will reject applications that do not meet the criteria. Please submit the necessary documents and information with your application.

Press will have access to the show floor on the second and third day of the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

Can I walk the Show floor on Buyer Day, Jan. 7?

No, because Buyer Day restricts the Show floor to only those wearing yellow buyer badges and red exhibitor badges. The ATA created Buyer Day to ensure buyers and manufacturers can focus on order writing, business planning and new-product evaluations the first nine and a half hours of the three-day Show. All verified Show attendees, including registered press, buyers, exhibitors, sales reps, state agencies and all non-exhibiting categories — manufacturers, nonprofits, government, suppliers, media sales, and outfitters/guides — can hit the Show floor the next two days, Jan. 8-9.

However, press can do several other things on Friday, Jan. 7, including attend the USA Archery 25 Meter Shootout tournament, or connect with exhibitors off the Show floor to conduct meetings and interviews or get a brief product demonstration. Stay tuned for a Press Kit coming in December with more ways to get the most out of time at #ATA2022.

All press members have access to the press room to work and collaborate with their colleagues. Photo Credit: ATA

What’s the press room and can I use it?

Yes! Registered press gain access to the Show’s press room (in Room B100), which is equipped with copiers, printers, scanners and more to make covering the Show a breeze. Exhibitors are allowed to set out press releases and other information in the space. The press room can be used to check email, or spend time writing, editing videos and publishing the day’s coverage. The press room is reserved as a quiet place for people to work. Meetings and phone calls are not permitted. Please use the North Wing Lobby for those activities. The press room is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on Friday and Saturday and 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.


If you have questions or concerns regarding press verification, please contact Sarah Haala, ATA’s Trade Show coordinator, at or (507) 233-8131, ext. 101.

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