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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The results of the ATA’s 2020 National Participation Survey are now available to ATA members and nonmembers. The survey reveals data and insights from the archery industry, including the age, sex, race, location, educational background and household income of bowhunters, recreational archers and competitive archers. It also lists top reasons for bowhunting, breaks down preferred equipment choices and identifies words that resonate with bowhunters. The ATA also used the data to create five audience profiles that outline consumer interests to help industry members better recruit and interact with current or potential customers.

The ATA worked with McKinley Advisors and Braun Research to obtain the information and create the 15-page report with easy-to-read charts and statistics.

The data packet is available for members and nonmembers through the ATA store. Photo Credit: ATA

Get the Data

Members can download the survey results for free or buy a hard copy at a discounted price from the ATA store. Both are available to nonmembers at the regular price. Download the Archery Industry Data Packet now.

Other Data and Resources

Members and nonmembers also have access to the ATA’s Archery Safety Brochure, Technical Guidelines, Archery Range Guides, Hunting Mentor Guide and Field to Fork Curriculum in the ATA store. The digital downloads are free for ATA members. Click here to be redirected to the ATA store and access the documents. Please note: ATA members will be required to log in to obtain the resources. Nonmembers must create a free profile to log in and buy them.

Don’t forget about the ATA’s Resource Website! The RW is a members-only microsite with hundreds of free marketing and business resources. Read the article “ATA’s Top 5 Free Downloadable Resources” to see which resources ATA members find most valuable.

Log in to your MyATA member dashboard and click on “Download Free ATA Resources” to reach the Resource Website. Hover over the “Downloads” tab in the gray menu at the top to explore documents by category. Or use the search function to locate specific documents quickly. Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior membership manager, also created a helpful video on navigating and benefiting from the Resource Website. Click here to watch it.

Questions? Please contact the ATA Trade Show and membership office at (866) 266-2776.

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