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The ATA offers hundreds of free downloadable resources, a team that’s ready to help, and tools that help you attract new customers and improve your business.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Hello! Welcome to YOUR ATA.

The ATA serves manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives, and others in the archery and bowhunting industry. Regardless of your membership type, we’ll happily help you!

Check your email for a message from Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior membership manager. Lang emails all new members a welcome that explains how to log into the MyATA Login, aka your member dashboard. If you missed that email, click here for instructions. The MyATA member dashboard is a practical tool to receive and obtain most ATA-member benefits.

That email is the first of many emails you’ll receive year-round as part of the ATA’s “onboarding” process. These communications provide crucial information about ATA programs, resources, partnerships, advocacy work and member benefits.

New members have much to discover, so here’s a quick rundown of ATA efforts and how to make the most of your membership.

The ATA in Brief

The ATA is the official trade group for the archery and bowhunting industry. Its mission is to inspire growth, increase participation, and promote archery and bowhunting. The ATA works to recruit and retain new, current and once-active archers and bowhunters. ATA staff develop programs, create resources, and organize and operate the industry’s longest-running trade show. The ATA strives to help members navigate business challenges and cultural shifts.

In other words, if you joined the ATA to increase your profits and customer base, build your brand and business, and preserve archery and bowhunting for future generations, you chose wisely. Let’s review some membership perks that will help you succeed.


Top 4 Member Benefits

The ATA and its staff have served their members since 1953. They’ve created hundreds of resources and member benefits to help your business flourish, including:


1. Free Educational Video Courses

Take an educational course in the MyATA Learning Center to improve your business. It helps members learn more skills and business strategies through interactive videos, follow-up questions, and other resources. The video courses cover coaching, marketing, conservation, archery tech, business operations, and maximizing ATA memberships. You’ll also find recordings of popular ATA seminars, ATA Trade Show events, and other industry happenings.

Log into your member dashboard and click “MyATA Learning Center” to explore your options.


2. Access to a Comprehensive Membership Directory

The ATA helps businesses make connections by providing contact information in its free membership directory. Members must electronically “sign” a confidentiality agreement to view the document. Search for members by name, category, membership type or other filters. The dynamic directory updates nightly, so check often for updates. Gain access to the membership directory here.


3. Discounted Programs and Services

The MyATA Service Provider program has ATA-vetted companies to help members navigate issues with insurance, bookkeeping, brand protection, federal excise taxes, supply-chain strategies, and product risk and liability. Click here to review your MyATA service providers, and learn how they can help.

Additionally, the Savings4Members group gives ATA members access to over 20 discount programs. Receive special prices on necessities like office supplies, wireless services, consumer financing, payroll and HR, credit-card processing, uniforms and facility services, and waste and recycling services. Contact your savings consultant at (844) 346-3746.


4. ATA Trade Show Access

The ATA Trade Show is the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and longest-running trade show. About 10,000 industry members worldwide gather for the three-day event. Only ATA members can attend, which ensures exhibitors and attendees can focus on writing orders, business planning, and new-product evaluations.

The Show provides an ideal place to meet peers face to face, talk products and pricing, and build personal and professional relationships. The Show also features giveaways, networking events, an awards program, and educational opportunities, including seminars, demonstrations, Coffee Talks, and instructor certification courses. Click here to learn about the annual event.


Learn About More Benefits

The four topics above are just a few of the ATA’s member benefits. Watch the ATA’s “New Member” playlist above for a quick overview of other ATA-member benefits, and important ATA programs and initiatives. Take notes as you watch. We also hope you’ll visit the ATA’s member-benefits webpage for more details, which you’ll find here.

It’s a lot to process, because the ATA offers our members much. Every business is unique, so you’ll find some benefits more helpful than others. If you have a member-benefits idea or request, let Lang know. And if you have questions about a benefit, the ATA has 19 full-time staff members willing to help.

Your ATA staff members can assist you with questions about the industry. Photo Credit: ATA

Staff are Ready to Serve

An ATA membership gives you access to a team of passionate archery and bowhunting enthusiasts. Each staff member is an archer, bowhunter or both, and wants the industry and your business to succeed. They’ll share advice and insights, and help you and your business any way possible.

Matt Kormann, ATA’s president/CEO, leads the team. He oversees four departments, including government relations, outreach and education, Trade Show and membership, and marketing and communications. ATA staff run the Trade Show, create business-boosting resources, coordinate range and retail programs, work with state and national legislators and wildlife agencies, and promote archery and bowhunting through outreach and education nationwide. Click here for the staff directory.

Questions? Contact Wendy Lang at or (866) 266-2776, ext. 103.

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