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Prepare to Register for #ATA2021

Here’s what you need to know to register Aug. 11 for the 2021 ATA Trade Show.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

The 2021 ATA Trade Show is Jan. 7-9 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. That’s five months away, which means ATA members can register to attend this important event starting Aug. 11.

We spoke with Becky Lux, ATA’s Trade Show senior manager, to learn about the registration process. First, though, let’s address COVID-19: Will the Show happen?

We’re moving forward as planned. Exhibitors are buying booths and preparing their marketing strategies; ATA staff are diligently organizing the Archery Industry Masterclass, and the entire schedule of events; and administrators at the Indiana Convention Center are taking health and safety seriously. The Center features $7 million in safety enhancements, such as hospital-grade filters that circulate fresh air from outside 24-7 and Clorox machines to deep-clean the building throughout the day. Click here to watch a short video about Indianapolis’ ongoing efforts to keep visitors healthy.

The ATA’s priority will always be the health and safety of its members, their families, and businesses. As such, the ATA will keep monitoring the situation and make decisions about the 2021 Show that benefit all industry members. ATA staff will continue to work closely with the Indiana Convention Center’s team throughout the event-planning process to ensure everyone follows all social-distancing guidelines.

Now, take a deep breath and get excited about #ATA2021. The Show might differ in several ways from previous ATA shows, but the potential to buy, sell, learn and prepare your business for 2021 is higher than ever.

Here are five things you should know about the 2021 ATA Trade Show’s registration process.

Only ATA members can attend the ATA Trade Show. Photo Credit: ATA

1. You Must be an ATA Member to Attend the 2021 Show

The ATA Trade Show is a business-to-business event. You must be an ATA member to register for the Show, book your hotel room, or enroll in an archery-instructor certification class. Log into your MyATA member dashboard and click “Pay Membership Dues and Open Balances” to renew your membership. If you’re not a member or did not receive a dues-renewal notice join here. Contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior membership manager, with questions at (507) 233-8134 or


2. Registration Opens Aug. 11

ATA members can visit the Trade Show Registration page Aug. 11 to find the registration link. You will be required to log into your MyATA member dashboard account. From the dashboard click “Register and Book Hotels.” You must enter your first name, last name, phone number, and email address to register. If you’re registering multiple team members you must enter a different email address for each person. That ensures everyone on your team receives an Express Pass with a QR Code. The Express Pass lets you obtain your Show badge and lanyard at the Show.

The ATA simplified the registration process for the 2021 Trade Show, so it only takes a couple of clicks and a few minutes.

Please note: Press registration opens Sept. 22.


3. The Cost to Attend Varies

The ATA has many membership types, which determines how many badges you can receive and their price.

Visit the registration page to find badge categories and prices, and learn which days you can enter the Show floor. Please note: Buyer Day is back for the 2021 Show. Buyer Day restricts the Show floor to verified buyers and exhibitors Jan. 7, Day 1 of the 2021 Show. Click here to learn more.

Register for the Show, then select your hotel. Photo Credit: ATA

4. You Must Register to Book Your Hotel Room

You’ll gain access to the ATA hotel block during the final stage of the ATA Trade Show registration process. After registering online, be sure to click “Check out.” Then, click the “book hotel” link and follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly book your rooms. Click here for a list of discounted hotels in the ATA block. Click here to see the hotel map.

Information on the official ATA hotel block is only available from the ATA or Visit Indy Housing. Beware of scammers, and remember: All communications from official ATA Trade Show service providers are marked with the official ATA service-provider logo.


5. The Deadline to Guarantee Your Registration is Dec. 18

The ATA strongly encourages ATA members to renew and register by Dec. 18, 2020. If you register after that date, the ATA can’t guarantee your request will be processed in time.


6. If the Show is Canceled, You Will be Refunded

View the ATA’s Trade Show cancellation policy in the Attendee Rules & Regulations document, which is on the ATA’s Attendee Toolkit Trade Show webpage. Click here to be redirected. If the Show is canceled by the convention center or local hotels before the Show’s scheduled date, attendees are entitled to a payments refund. Also, if an attendee cancels, but the event has not been canceled by the ATA, convention center or local hotels, the attendee loses all fees paid.

Please note: ATA membership dues are nonrefundable. Although attending the Show is a huge ATA-member benefit, an ATA membership offers much more. It gives you tools and information to boost profits and improve operations while supporting conservation, the industry, and efforts to create customers. Click here to learn about eight member benefits you can use year-round, including the MyATA Learning Center and the ATA’s Resource Website.

That’s it! If you know and understand those details, registering for the 2021 Show should be a breeze. If you have questions or need help when registration opens, please contact the ATA Trade Show’s business and membership office toll-free at (866) 266-2776, option 1. ATA staff are happy to help.

Please mark your calendar for Aug. 11. Remember to register early to secure your spot and get access to the best hotels in the ATA block. We’ll see you in Indy!

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