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ATA Welcomes New Members, Shares Tips for a Successful Show

The ATA welcomed its new members during the new member reception at #ATA2020.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Gasaway

The ATA welcomed its new members during the new member reception this morning from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m. The meeting was part of the ATA’s new onboarding process to ensure members receive information about their benefits and opportunities. 

“I hope this generation of new members will be the best-educated generation of members we’ve had,” said Matt Kormann, ATA’s CEO and president. “That’s important to us. This organization belongs to its members, so it’s our job to give [our members] everything they need to succeed.”

Over 60 individuals from 203 retail shops attended the new member reception to connect with peers who are new to the archery industry. Each member received a leather member portfolio with pens, a notebook, an ATA branded Allen wrench, and ATA-logo stickers.

Tips to Have a Successful Show

ATA staff and Retail Council members also spoke individually with members to answer questions and share tips for a successful Show. Whether you’ve been a member for one, five or 25 years, these tips will help you conquer the Show.

Use the ATA Show as an opportunity to network with other industry professionals. Photo Credit: ATA

Matt Kormann: “Explore every aspect of the Show, and network with peers and ATA staff.” 

Take time to walk around and explore everything the Show offers. There are new products, great deals, exciting events, cash giveaways, and educational opportunities. Members should visit the MyATA Area, Innovation Zone, Featured Products Showcase, Non-Profit Booths, and MyATA Service Provider companies. Also, when you’re exploring, talk to as many people as you can. Kormann suggests attendees ask veteran ATA members to share their wisdom and experiences regarding how to conduct business and how to make smart business decisions. 

Mark Copeland discusses what retailers and exhibitors should be focusing on during the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

Mark Copeland: “Remember your why.” 

“Think about why you’re here,” Copeland said. “You’re not here to meet TV celebrities or score free hats. You’re here to be a profitable business.” He hopes all businesses take time to identify their business goals and work to achieve them. For example, if you’re goal is to become an influential voice in the industry, consider joining the Retail Council; If you want to introduce more people to archery to increase sales, head to the MyATA Area to obtain resources and information to hold beginner archery classes; If you want to boost your online presence, talk to MyATA Service Providers to learn how to improve your website or social media channels.


Wendy Lang: “Stop by the MyATA Area to learn about year-round member benefits.”

The ATA had tons of ATA-member benefits. Lang advises members to use the membership directory, MyATA Learning Center and downloadable resources, which are all available in the MyATA member dashboard. Have a question? “Please ask,” Lang said. “We’re here to help.” You can find ATA staff at the Information Booth in the MyATA Area. Or, see them at Main Registration. “We love discussing member benefits, hearing your thoughts, or pointing you in the right direction,” Lang said. If you don’t know our staff, click here for their directory.

Catch up with old friends, but also seek out new connections. Photo Credit: ATA

Kurt Smith: “Stay focused on your business needs.”

“It’s easy to get caught up with old friends, but try to stick to your business plan,” Smith said. If you get off track, step off the Show floor to regroup. Smith also suggests talking to exhibitors about business operations and processes, rather than products details – unless you need a demonstration or marketing advice. To maximize your time with exhibitors, pick up spec sheets and product pamphlets to review after the Show. 


New Members Speak Out

The ATA recognizes members join for different reasons, request specific resources, and desire varying levels of assistance. Understanding member goals and ambitions help ATA staff and Board of Director members create useful ATA-member benefits. 

Adam and Leah Butchko, owners of Big Tine Archery in Pennsylvania, joined the ATA to attend the Show but were impressed by everything the ATA offers. They’re eager to use the membership directory to connect with other retailers and get ideas for their website and social media platforms. They also hope to improve their business and grow their customer base by learning tips and tricks from ATA articles and tutorials on the MyATA Learning Center.

Deborja Brantley, CEO of Play Action Sports Wear, and Bobby Slaton, the company’s vice president of marketing, joined in November 2019 to premier their product, “The Temperguard Jersey.” Slaton said joining the ATA was a no-brainer because the ATA has the industry’s largest and longest-running trade show. They are excited to see what the Show has to offer and look forward to learning more about the companies in the MyATA Service Provider program. 

Kyle Savoie, CEO of FAS Outdoors Company in Ohio, joined the ATA to connect with manufacturers, improve business relationships, learn more about products, and educate himself and his staff about business operations. He wants to learn more about the discount programs and insurance options available to ATA members.


Next Step: Attend the Connection’s Event

Join us at our new event, “Connections: An ATA Happy Hour” in Exhibit Hall J from 6 to 8 p.m. You’ll enjoy free beer, food, games and entertainment. The event features elite archers competing in a sudden death shootout. Attendees will also have the chance to try an Indy Car simulator, and participate in yard games and a fun, interactive shooting competition.

The event also offers many learning opportunities. Learn shooting and equipment tips from the pros; and fun insights, practical knowledge about programs, and revenue-generating ideas from industry experts. The night caps off with a Showdown of elite recurve archers in a Mixed Team style competition, a new event that will premiere in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. It’s free to all Show goers.

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