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Written and Unwritten Rules for #ATA2020

Follow these written and unwritten ATA Trade Show rules to ensure your 2020 Show is productive.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

If you’re attending the 2020 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, follow these helpful rules to stay safe and productive during the Jan. 9-11 event. These rules – written and unwritten – protect you, your peers and the Show’s reputation.

Make sure you have your badge on you at all times. Photo Credit: ATA

Written Rules

–  ‘Buyer Day’ is Day 1: The first day of #ATA2020 is restricted to exhibitors and buyers. Only those with a yellow buyers badge or red exhibitors badge can enter the exhibit hall on Day 1. This restriction helps buyers and manufacturers focus on uninterrupted order writing, business planning, and new-product evaluations the first 9.5 hours of the three-day Show. The Show is open to all ATA-member attendees the next two days. The Show remains a business-to-business event, and remains closed to consumers.

–  Always wear your badge: Everyone entering the 2020 Show must have a Trade Show badge. These badges give you access to seminars, special events and the Show floor. They must be worn at all times while on the floor. Security staff will escort anyone without a badge off the floor. Visit the registration page to learn how to register. Dec. 20 is the last day to register by email, phone or fax. Online registration is open throughout the Show.

–  Don’t share your badge: ATA staff work to ensure everyone wearing a Show badge earned it. Please don’t share or give away extra or unused badges. You risk being removed from the Show. All attendees are reminded to keep track of their badge. Replacement badges cost $50.

–  Get permission to take photos: Exhibitors can photograph their booth and products. Likewise, media members can use cameras and video recorders on the Show floor. All other attendees and exhibitors must obtain permission before filming or photographing exhibitors’ booths and products.

–  Behave: Abusive conduct or inappropriate behavior is not allowed at the ATA Trade Show. Act professionally, communicate politely, and treat others with respect. Good behavior ensures a welcoming, enjoyable Show atmosphere.

ATA staff is available for help or questions in the MyATA area. Photo Credit: ATA

Unwritten Rules

–  Plan, plan, plan: To make the most of your time and money in Indianapolis, plan carefully. Sign up for a certification class, schedule meetings with your business partners, attend interesting educational events, and visit the featured-product showcase and new-product-launch showcase. Read the ATA article “Plan Your Ultimate Trade Show Experience” to ensure you’re productive at the Show.

–  Get assistance and answers: ATA staff are dedicated to serving and supporting ATA members. If you need help or have a question, visit the main registration desk or the MyATA Area, which are staffed during Show hours. The ATA is your personal support team. If you’re unsure who’s on staff, click here for the staff directory.

–  Use ATA’s Trade Show tools: The ATA strives to make your trip to Indianapolis enjoyable and hassle-free. Use the ATA’s mobile app to plan your trip, study the event schedule, and get notifications about the Show. You can also find information through the attendee or exhibitor toolkits. The ATA website also provides how-to and best-practice articles for all things #ATA2020. Click here to visit the Trade Show homepage.

–  Grab your Goodie Bag (retailers only): Show attendees can pick up their free goodie bag near the main registration desk. The bag includes gifts, product samples, informational pamphlets, promotional items, and inserts from exhibitors. You can also use the bag to store pens, papers and swag on the Show floor.

–  Wear comfortable shoes: With 510,000 square feet of exhibit space and about 620 exhibitors to meet, you’ll be on the move. You’ll take thousands of steps to visit every exhibitor. Comfortable footwear makes long walks and hours of standing bearable.

–  Bring cash, your card or checkbook: Bring money for food, drinks and ATA merchandise, which is new for the 2020 Show.

To view all attendee rules and regulations, click here. Likewise, click here to see the exhibitors’ list of rules and regulations. Click here to see exhibitors’ terms and conditions.

Questions? Contact the ATA’s membership and Trade Show office at (866) 266-2776 or

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